Oracle’s Enterprise Manager 11g Maximizes Business Agility And Productivity

Business-Driven IT Management Connects Technology, Business, and IT for Greater Business Value, IT Efficiency and Agility

News Facts

  • Delivering the industry’s most comprehensive business-driven IT
    management capabilities, Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g helps maximize
    business agility and productivity through an integrated approach to IT
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g introduces:
    • Business-driven
      application management—enables IT to be more responsive to business
      priorities and deliver greater business value by managing to key metrics
      for user experience and business transactions.
    • Integrated application-to-disk management—simplifies management
      through eliminating the need to use multiple tools at every layer of the
      stack – from packaged applications through middleware, database,
      operating system, virtualization, and hardware – and helps maximize
      return on IT investment.
    • Integrated systems management and support—allows IT to be more
      proactive than ever before through knowledge sharing with Oracle support
      and the broader Oracle community, which translates into more satisfied
      and productive users and more efficient IT operations.

Business-Driven Application Management; Delivers Greater Business Value

  • Provides IT with an in-depth business perspective, with the
    ability to directly monitor and manage the experience of business users,
    their business transactions and application interactions.
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g enables improved business
    productivity, and helps IT to fuel business innovation and growth

    • User Experience Management: The new release 6.5 of
      Oracle Real User Experience Insight, a key feature of Oracle Enterprise
      Manager 11g, provides performance and usage statistics for real and
      synthetic transactions, as well as integrated diagnostics for Oracle’s
      Siebel CRM, the Oracle E-Business Suite, and Java technology-based
      applications – all accessible from a single console.
    • Business Transaction Management: Automatically discovers
      transactions, including the business content from the transaction;
      provides end-to-end visibility for in-flight transactions that span
      different IT tiers and different applications, including long-running
      transactions; provides crucial context to understand business impact and
      enables proactive issue resolution.
    • Business Service Management: Comprehensive service dashboards
      automatically discover business services, such as billing and shipping,
      and provide end-to-end performance analysis and diagnostics through a
      deep understanding of service implementations.

Integrated Application-to-Disk Management; Simplifies Management
Environment; Enables Improved ROI

  • Complete management of the Oracle stack, including tools to
    manage Oracle Applications, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle Database,
    Oracle Solaris, Oracle Enterprise Linux, Oracle VM, and Oracle’s Sun
    Servers. This enables IT to quickly identify root cause and, in many
    cases, automatically resolve issues.
  • Additionally, these capabilities help eliminate multiple point
    tools, for a simplified management environment and help customers
    achieve faster return on IT investment
  • Highlights include:
    • Comprehensive Middleware Management: This
      release delivers enhanced support for managing Oracle Fusion Middleware
      11g, including full configuration management and provisioning for
      large-scale Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle WebLogic Server environments.
      Oracle WebLogic Server is often used in an “application grid”
      environment, or as the foundation for a private cloud. Oracle Enterprise
      Manager 11g can greatly simplify the management and provisioning of
      such deployments.
    • New Database Management Capabilities: Providing full support for
      Oracle Database 11g Release 2, including compression, change detection,
      partitioning, diagnostics, and tuning. Oracle Exadata-aware SQL
      monitoring and I/O resource management for Oracle Exadata Version 2 is
      also featured.
    • Extensive Hardware, Virtualization and Operating System Management:
      Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center, for managing Sun hardware and
      Oracle Solaris, covers the entire lifecycle of physical and virtual Sun
      environments including Oracle VM for SPARC (formerly known as Logical
      Domains or LDoms) and Solaris Containers, enabling customers to maximize
      the utilization of their Sun systems.
    • Application Quality Management: New Oracle Application Testing Suite
      Release 9.1, automates test script generation based on real user
      actions; provides access to middleware diagnostics during load test to
      help identify performance bottlenecks; provides a new testing
      accelerator to simplify testing of applications based on Oracle ADF; and
      offers a new test starter kit for Oracle E-Business Suite R12
      applications, to help reduce testing effort.

Integrated Systems Management and Support; Enables More Proactive IT

  • The
    integration of Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g’s console with Oracle
    Support Services allows proactive management of critical business
  • New components include:
    • Smart Configuration Management:
      Offers complete configuration lifecycle management and discovery with
      real-time change detection for compliance. It can simultaneously analyze
      millions of customer configurations and provide IT professionals with
      real-time notification of potential problems.
    • Automated Workflow: Enables the selection, validation and deployment
      of patches across the entire IT environment, allowing IT to help reduce
      the risk and effort needed to implement recommendations and fixes.
    • Community-Based Console: Facilitates best practice sharing and
      knowledge exchange with other members of the IT community.

Supporting Quotes

  • "Traditional systems management products
    don’t address the complexities of modern data centers. They create
    islands of automation but do not provide a holistic, integrated picture
    of the health of the entire IT stack,” said Richard Sarwal, Oracle
    senior vice president Product Development. “Oracle Enterprise Manager
    11g helps IT deliver greater business value, in addition to greater IT
    efficiency and productivity. With the ability to closely support
    business goals, IT can become a strategic value-add to the success of an
  • “In order to optimize its costs while maintaining the quality of IT
    services… IT will have to behave as a distinct corporate entity — the IT
    enterprise — rather than a pure divisional cost center within the
    enterprise. These new initiatives will require information that supports
    global business-based decisions instead of limited tactical technology
    ones. Consequently, the IT management software market will have to
    evolve from its pure operational role to a more strategic and
    business-oriented one,” as stated in ”Market Projections For 2010: IT
    Management Software,” Forrester Research, Inc., February, 2010.


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