Netreo’s Virtualization Visualizer Provides Performance Monitoring Feature

Driving a virtualized environment to its maximum potential requires both careful server management and deep insight into key areas of system operation. Virtualization Visualizer (V2), Netreo’s new capacity-planning and performance management software, provides an array of easy-to-use tools and resources that allow IT departments to immediately begin extracting the greatest possible ROI out of their virtualized environments.

Real-time dashboards, alerts and historical reports about clusters, resource pools, host systems, guests and applications give V2 users instant, meaningful insight into their virtualized environment’s real-world performance while providing the capacity-planning ability that’s vital to creating a fully virtualized environment.

V2 enables IT departments to move beyond the "low-hanging fruit" stage to find the many cost-saving opportunities that lie hidden on critical high-utilization servers. "Getting started with virtualization is easy, but converting vital production applications to a virtualized environment is far more challenging," says Andrew Anderson, Netreo’s Chief Operations Officer. "V2 lets users take virtualization to the next level without creating I/O bottlenecks or falling into other performance-robbing pitfalls."

V2 effectively caps server sprawl by enabling IT managers and server administrators to view precisely which applications and guests are using cluster resources. The software then lets users identify resource functions and determine who provisioned or requested them. V2 also allows underutilized and over-configured systems to be quickly pinpointed and brought under control. Orphaned guests, meanwhile, can be rapidly spotted and configurations immediately adjusted in order to fine-tune and optimize performance.

Eliminating the need to deploy costly probes or unwieldy, time-wasting agent software, V2 requires virtually no administration and discovers the virtual environment automatically. Users begin receiving crucial data and reports immediately, without first conducting lengthy and expensive configuration or implementation projects.

Provided as a virtual appliance, V2 integrates quickly and easily into any VMWare ESX or vSphere environment with VMWare’s Virtual Center.


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