Battlefield Bad Company 2 Pack 3 Leaked Map

EA Digital Illusions is about to publish a new DLC this time trying to diversify the fields of battle.

The site in question was able to capture through the Xbox Live visual evidence of the Map Pack 3 apparently composed of two small cards. These cards actually already in the original game but adapted for different modes of play. The map will soon be converted Alta Laguna for Mode Squad Rush.

Nelson Bay is the second card to enjoy this privilege and to be adapted to the mode Squad Deathmatch. This map pack should bring little new to the title and could simply ask for explicit geographical boundaries. Indeed, the two game modes are differentiated from others by their number of players supported their aims and certainly more explicit.

As an aside, Bad Company 2 has recently been the subject of an investigation to determine the average time required to reach rank 50 in multiplayer, the highest rank. Orbus Gameworks According responsible for conducting this survey, it would take an average over three hundred hours of gameplay to reach the top, twelve days of work.






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