DVDFab now with Avatar BD+ support

It’s the day that Avatar Blu-ray Disc released, this disc brought us the strongest BD+ protection so far. However, on the just same day, DVDFab finds its way to defeat the strongest BD+ to support Avatar.

Film studios are always trying to find the best protection for their Blu-ray releases, and BD+ was thought THE ONE. For the Oscar-awarding movie Avatar, they are using the latest BD+ which was developed for almost 6 months. But, with DVDFab 7.x which was released before the day Avatar released, you can make security copies of Avatar easily. Without updating DVDFab software, DVDFab 7.x will support Avatar automatically.

DVDFab uses web service to support BD+ on our server side, it’s a great feature for users to get support for latest discs without updating the software. This time, We did Avatar "manually" rather than waiting to find an automatic solution for you. We care about our customers’ experience, we know how much you want to backup Avatar and we want you to benefit ASAP!! We will continue to work on BD+ protection to add automatic removal for next Avatar releases and other movies.



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