Now Enjoy Facebook With Live Media Sharing And Innovative Mingleverse 3D Voice Chat

Mingleverse, providers of a next-generation communications service that allows people to talk and share media live in a browser-based virtual environment, today announced the release of its revolutionary Facebook 3D Voice Chat and Live Media Sharing application. The application is offered free of charge and enables any Facebook user to talk and share their media live with their friends in a virtual ‘mingle room’ within Facebook.

“The Mingleverse app adds a never before seen layer of live communication to Facebook. People can now instantly invite their friends into their mingle room where they can engage in 3D voice chat and share content such as their pictures, YouTube videos, webcam, presentations, and even watch TV via”, said Ron Stevens, co-founder and CEO of Mingleverse.

The application works instantly and does not require any initial download. Mingleverse for Facebook launches a flash-based mingle room right from within Facebook. Facebook users immediately see which of their friends are available online and can invite them into their mingle room. By installing the 3D Voice Chat plug-in, users can talk live to all of the people in your room. Users can opt not to install the 3D Voice Chat plug-in and instead use the text-based chat feature of Mingleverse along with all of the media sharing features.

Overview of the features of Mingleverse for Facebook: Facebook members can teleport themselves into Mingleverse with a simple mouse-click and interact live with each other:

  • 3D Room Presence: Mingle Rooms are three-dimensional virtual rooms that can host meetings and conversations between multiple people. Users, represented as avatars, can freely move within those rooms by using the arrow keys on their keyboard.
  • 3D Audio: Mingleverse provides stunning 3D audio technology that delivers directional and distance-dependant audio based on the virtual location of a user, enabling other users to easily locate a user and participate in a natural conversation.
  • Live viewing of YouTube & JustinTV: Minglers can search YouTube videos and channels and talk while watching them together on the mingle room video screen.
  • Image Sharing: Minglers can share the stories behind their photos by displaying them live on their mingle room’s video screen.
  • Live Webcam: Minglers can turn on their webcam and go live to their guests or plug in a video camera to broadcast a live event.
  • Presentations: Minglers can launch PowerPoint presentations directly in a Mingle Room.

Combining audio, visuals and interactivity, the capabilities of the Mingleverse 3D Voice Chat goes far beyond the features of VoIP services such as Skype and other existing telecommunications services. People around the globe are quickly recognizing this potential and are taking advantage: Since public beta launch in September 2009, the Mingleverse platform has already hosted more than 20,000 multi-person Mingles with participation from 187 different countries.

Early Mingleverse advocates and adopters include famous authors Malcolm Gladwell and Peter Tertzakian, the USA Telecom Council’s Derek Kerton, along with 100s of companies, churches, and teachers. Popular fan mingles are hosted by the National Hockey League’s Vancouver Canucks. Mingleverse has won multiple awards and was recently nominated for the 2010 USA Telecom Council Core Award and named as one on Canada’s Top 25 Up and Coming ICT Companies.



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