Oracle Helps Managed Service Provider Optimize Hardware Resources and Accelerate New Software Deployments

Data Intensity, Inc. Significantly Reduces Costs and Improves Efficiencies with Oracle® VM and Oracle Unbreakable Linux.

News Facts:

  • To more effectively and efficiently address customer business requirements, Data Intensity, Inc., a Managed Service Provider (MSP) that proactively monitors, manages and hosts enterprise databases and applications, has implemented Oracle VM and Oracle Unbreakable Linux support, including Oracle Enterprise Linux.
  • Data Intensity needed to dynamically allocate computing power to quickly and reliably support its customers’ diverse IT requirements, without increasing the costs associated with its physical IT infrastructure.
  • With Oracle VM, Data Intensity was able to consolidate its internal data center, moving from over 80 servers to a couple of dozen.
  • By optimizing its hardware resources, Data Intensity reduced its space, power and cooling requirements; resulting in a 90 percent decrease in power costs and an overall cost savings of 30-45 percent, when compared to the cost of its non-virtualized environment.
  • Utilizing Oracle VM Templates has also allowed Data Intensity to accelerate new software deployments for its customers by 90 percent, through the creation of standard software templates that can be leveraged to quickly and easily roll out different topologies to support customers’ changing IT requirements.
  • In addition to Oracle VM and Oracle Unbreakable Linux, Data Intensity also uses Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle Database, the Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle’s PeopleSoft, Oracle’s Hyperion and Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition to power its IT infrastructure and provide cutting-edge services to its customers.

Switched from Red Hat Enterprise Linux support to Oracle Unbreakable Linux:

  • To further streamline its IT support and lower costs, Data Intensity switched from Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) to Oracle Enterprise Linux, backed by the Oracle Unbreakable Linux support program.
  • Since the conversion process only takes a few minutes, Data Intensity was able to successfully convert more than 200 servers from RHEL to Oracle Enterprise Linux in a matter of hours.
  • With Oracle Unbreakable Linux support, Data Intensity has reduced support costs by 25 percent and is better able to provide its customers with the scalable, reliable IT infrastructure they demand.

Supporting Quote:

"As an enterprise hosting company focused on application management, it is critical that we have a high performance IT infrastructure that can efficiently and reliably accommodate our customers’ business requirements,” said Marc Caruso, vice president Service Management, Data Intensity, Inc. “Working closely with Oracle, we have been able to transform our physical and virtual IT infrastructure and have realized substantial energy and cost savings, while accelerating software deployment. The combination of Oracle VM and Oracle Unbreakable Linux provides Data Intensity a scalable and flexible infrastructure to serve the business critical needs of our customers. The results we have achieved are a testament to Oracle’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of IT performance and support.”




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