LiveCity Launches Innovative System for Building Websites as an iPhone Application

LiveCity, a leading
website building company which develops software and provides solutions
businesses in the Internet domain, has developed a unique system that
every business owner to build his website as an application for advanced
cellular phones, including Touch and iPhone sites.

LiveCity is launching a unique product that will be provided to
customers free of charge. It will enable existing site owners to convert
their Internet sites with the simple press of a button, and will allow
who do not have a website to build a new site with an advanced system
that is
easy to use.

Today the cellular phone industry is undergoing an essential
change with
the introduction of advanced systems, smart phones such as the iPhone
similar products that are taking over the market, with their numbers
consumers increasing every day. Keeping in step with this dynamic trend,
LiveCity’s ground-breaking solution comes in the right place and at the
time. From
there you can build a website that within minutes will be accessible for
browsing on smart cell phones.

As part of its service, LiveCity proposes that owners of existing
websites convert their sites to iPhone applications with the press of a
button, and in this fashion save much time and money by building

The system does not exclude those who do not have an internet
site and
enables them, with an easy-to-use interface, to build a website that
turn into a cell phone application within minutes and incorporate
design and user friendliness. All you have to do is enter the required
and pictures and the system does all the rest.

Nir Alloush , CEO of the LiveCity Company:
"Surfing the Internet with
smart cellular phones has become a matter of routine. With the profusion
browsers and the various technologies, the site is not always suited to
of them, and the user suffers from slowness, complications and

"The system that we developed will enable all, from a business
owner to
an ordinary citizen, to build for himself a website application which
owner of a smart instrument can download to his cell phone and have
access to a site that is suited to his device and, what’s most
convenient and easy to browse for information."

Around the world today there are millions of smart cellular
devices, a
number that is expected to increase in the near future. At the same
LiveCity has begun marketing its new product in the United
, Europe and
in fact all over the world.

Nir Alloush , CEO of LiveCity: "We believe that
our product will achieve
great success in the world, as it suits the technological world of the
like a hand fits a glove. Until today, a business owner seeking an
application for his customers had to pay tens of thousands of shekels,
receive the proper permits and run into bureaucracy, whereas our new
removes all these obstacles and gives everyone the opportunity to build a
website and send the application to a customer by SMS directly to his
phone, by mail link or through the existing site. Think about it: every
restaurant will be able to build for itself an application in a matter
minutes and send it out to all its customers for download to their cell
phones. The customer can check out all the details and the menu, get
recommendations, prices, a chance to make contact and of course a map
to the restaurant interfacing with the GPS built into the cell phone."


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