Nokia N8 to run on Symbian OS 3

Concerns from Nokia may not be completed. Having confessed imperfection of the Nokia N97 launch, despite strong sales, the next top model could still not be able to fight against the experts in the field Research in Motion and Apple, although Nokia claims over 40% market share in this segment in the first quarter of 2010.

Nokia N8

The Nokia N8 yet not formalized (but an announcement is expected before the end of May), a leading mobile devices running Symbian have to ^ 3, the open source version of Symbian S60 outcome is expected to renew the premium multimedia smartphone manufacturer in Finland.

However, according to the Russian site Mobile-Review, which has laid hands on a copy of pre-series, the goal is far from being met, despite its characteristics, the smartphone does not hold its promises. If he finally has multitouch difficult to show this feature as an innovation when a packet of the smartphones already have.

Looking for the wow factor
Even if it is a model that could benefit from improvement before its release, Mobile-Review notes the same problem of dust seep under the screen as the Nokia X6, although the unit appears to be bill also good.

The future Nokia N8 Aboard a 12 megapixel digital camera with video recording capability as 720p but there also other mobile devices do the same. The smartphone is responsive when it is devoid of content but shows the usual signs of slowing down gradually as its filling, which does not really distinguish products on Symbian S60.

The presence of an HDMI port is an advantage, but use a standard cable would not be possible. In addition, Mobile-Review criticizes the terminal a lack of identity that begins to weigh heavily on the side of Nokia devices.

Even if we should not condemn too quickly before its launch, the Nokia N8 would therefore have difficulty keeping promises change strategy announced by the terminal manufacturer and the arrival of more attractive models.


  1. to compare nokia phones to any other brand just isnt fair… There are many reasons nokia has a loyal following. i agree that the cpu and memory are behind in peerformance compared to phoones like apple and htc… But the reliability and quality are A1. I have been using nokia phones for a long time and one of the things I have come to love is their ability to transfer content when upgrading to their next model and their awesome trade up program… Not to mention Free navigation for life! I am a gadget guy… And have even tried high end phones like the htc hd2 and iphone 4… They just dont compare… And comparing nokias camera to the others… We all know that there is no comparison. Nokia has the photo and video quality bat over any other phone. Honesty comparing an iphone to a nokia is like comparing xbox to ps3. Xbox an iphone are all propritary with their software and charge outlandish fees for EVERYTHING where sony and nokia are much more open and liberal with their software and support. If nokia can strike a deal to develop a fast cpu… I believe they will become the number one phone maker on the market.


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