PolyCore Software Announces MCAPI Templates Tool

PolyCore Software, Inc., the leader in multicore
communications software solutions, today announced Poly-Templates,
the latest addition to Poly-Platform. Poly-Templates is an Eclipse
GUI based, flexible tool that helps developers to quickly take advantage
of the industry standard multicore association communications API. For
a closer look at this new product, please visit PolyCore Software at
Multicore Expo booth 2306.

Migration of applications from a single core to multicore,
requires communication between cores on one or more chips. MCAPI
provides a simple, standardized, and scalable programming model across
different types of cores, transports and operating systems.
Poly-Templates further simplifies the process for developers, by
providing MCAPI code templates that are wizard-based, and communications
topology aware.

Poly-Platform, now comprised of Poly-Inspector,
Poly-Mapper , Poly-Templates, Poly-Generator and
Poly-Messenger/MCAPI, provides a flexible, efficient multicore
migration platform. With Poly-Platform, developers easily analyze the
application, create a topology map, insert MCAPI communication, and
generate an optimized C-based topology definition. The application and
topology are combined through a standard compile and link with the
Poly-Messenger/MCAPI runtime libraries, which provides a standardized
communications API, system discovery and a clean separation between
application and topology. Poly-Platform allows for remapping and
reconfiguration to be done without changing the application.

"Poly-Templates makes MCAPI even easier to use and brings
further time savings to multicore application developers," stated Ted
Gribb, Vice President, Sales of PolyCore Software. "Poly-Templates is
the next step in simplifying multicore".

"Poly-Templates strengthens PolyCore Software’s toolchain,
available for developers using the MCAPI standard," says Markus Levy,
Chairman of Multicore Expo, and President of the Multicore Association.
"This new addition to Poly-Platform will further simplify and increase
the adoption of MCAPI for multicore applications".


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