Intergraph Expands Line of High-Resolution Digital Aerial Cameras

Intergraph, a leader in photogrammetry and advanced image
acquisition, is adding four new large-format digital aerial cameras to
its Z/I Imaging acquisition platform to meet the customized needs of
aerial imagery providers around the world. The new cameras – RMK DX, DMC
II 140, DMC II 230 and DMC II 250 – are based on the proven technology
of the Intergraph DMC and RMK D.

"Throughout the years, Intergraph has continued to demonstrate
a high level of dedication to the photogrammetry industry and to the
unique requirements of our customers," said Jack Ickes, vice president
of photogrammetry at Intergraph. "The release of these cameras marks the
launch of Intergraph’s new camera platform strategy, through which
customized sensors can be easily added to existing camera components to
match sensors to specific tasks, providing customers with
cost-effective, modular options for a wide variety of needs while
protecting previous investments. Common camera frameworks, camera heads
and peripheral systems control manufacturing costs and simplify
servicing and upgrade procedures, translating into vast cost savings."

The new cameras are the first digital aerial cameras in the
industry to add a single monolithic panchromatic camera head to produce
extreme wide-ground coverage for capturing large-scale, high-resolution
imagery. Having a single camera head for large ground coverage
eliminates potential issues with geometric accuracy and radiometric
quality and eliminates the need for image mosaicking in the
post-processing stage. The cameras include a total of five camera heads,
less than any other frame-based, large-format camera system in the

The additional camera head is powered by a single, ultra large
CCD sensor from digital imaging provider DALSA. The new
high-performance sensor has been designed by DALSA exclusively for
Intergraph and is not available to other aerial camera vendors. The new
cameras also include a new, customized lens design by Carl Zeiss,
Germany, producing an unmatched level of image quality and accuracy.
They are compatible with all existing peripheral devices and
post-processing software used with previous Intergraph Z/I Imaging

The DMC was the industry’s first large-format frame digital
aerial camera, the first to be certified by the United States Geological
Survey and the first to offer an innovative Solid State Disk (SSD)
storage technology to decrease camera weight and footprint. The RMK D is
the highest quality and most versatile medium-format digital aerial
camera on the market, designed to replace film-based technology for
smaller mapping and remote sensing projects and for high resolution
engineering projects.

In addition to digital aerial cameras, Intergraph’s end-to-end
earth imaging solutions include photogrammetric workstations, flight
management and post-processing systems and a full photogrammetric data
exploitation software suite. Users of Intergraph’s end-to-end
photogrammetry solutions benefit from speed, ease of use, data accuracy,
precision, high performance and cost efficiency from project start to


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