Fuel Smart UK 2.0 is now available

Stewart Malcolm, the developer of Fuel Smart UK, has released the latest update for iPhone and iPod touch users looking to reduce their petrol expenses. The application locates fuel prices and represents a collaboration of user community input and database listings from the UK’s number one fuel data provider, WhatGas. Unlike other, similar apps, Fuel Smart UK is subscription and ad free; there are no other charges beyond the low purchase price.

What that means for consumers is that for a tiny, one time investment, they can save money repeatedly over a long period of time by finding the best petrol deals when filling up their vehicle.

This is the second Fuel Smart application released by developer, Stewart Malcolm. Versions of the app already exist for Ireland, Portugal and the US. Issuing a release for the UK is part of Stewart’s determination to help consumers spend as little on fuel as they have to. "Petrol has hit an all time high of £1.20 a litre. There are further price hikes expected later on this year and fuel prices are now reaching an all time high," he explains.

Fuel Smart UK combines the strength of its user-based community with the authority of WhatGas.com. While WhatGas provides a huge database of prices, users input pricing that they find while at the pumps. Consumers have a constantly current set of values from which to make informed decisions about their fuel purchases.

The latest version update for this application includes some nice extras, such as pump prices at a glance on display maps, optional list view and the ability to sort information by distance or price. Users can even now add their fuel tank size and let the app calculate the potential cash savings, with a price comparison against other pump prices.

Fuel Smart UK offers many useful features:

  • Fuel price coverage throughout the United Kingdom
  • In the region of 9000 petrol stations are monitored
  • In excess of 3000 database fuel price updates per week
  • See pump prices at a glance on the display maps
  • Optional list view
  • Sort by distance or price
  • Add fuel tank size to have the app calculate your potential cash saving and provide a price comparison against other pump prices
  • Easily search for a number of fuel types including unleaded, diesel, super unleaded, super diesel, LRP and LPG
  • Unlimited price searches per week
  • No reoccurring subscriptions
  • No ads!
  • Colour-coded system, which allows the user to know the age of the fuel price information; i.e.; within 1-week, 1 to 3 weeks and greater than 3 weeks old

Of course, saving money on petrol doesn’t mean much if the program is too highly priced. No worries, there. Stewart has kept the cost so low that everyone can afford it and has even taken another step to ensure that the application is within financial reach of all consumers, "This app is subscription free, unlike a lot of the others." To learn more about this important App, please visit the website or purchase and download from the Fuel Smart UK page on iTunes.

Device Requirements:

  • iPhone 3G or 3GS or iPod touch
  • Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later
  • 0.9 MB

Pricing and Availability
Fuel Smart UK 2.0 is only £0.59 and available in the UK exclusively through the App Store in the Reference category.


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