ProStores Announces the Launch of ProStores 9.3.2 and ProStores Web Analytics Tool

ProStores, a full-featured customizable ecommerce solution for small-
and medium-size businesses, recently released its storefront software
upgrade — ProStores 9.3.2, which features the ProStores Web Analytics
Tool. With the goal of helping merchants drive on-store sales and manage
their business more efficiently, ProStores has released several
features designed to improve sales conversion and save merchants time.
Managing and processing orders has been made simpler with quicker access
to pending orders and the ability to adjust certain invoices.
Improvements to the checkout experience and the introduction of category
promotions will make it easier for merchants to drive on-store sales.
In addition, the new, built-in Web Analytics Tool will enable merchants
to track and measure sales and traffic performance in order to help them
optimize their store and increase conversion – all without having to
install a script or go to another tool.

"ProStores is committed to providing our merchants with a complete
and reliable ecommerce solution that is easy to manage, drives sales and
gives them control and flexibility to set up their store to meet their
individual business needs," said Angela Troy, General Manager,
ProStores. "With the release of ProStores 9.3.2, we have focused on
features designed to help merchants increase store conversion rates and
save time. This ensures that our tens of thousands of ProStores
merchants continue to receive the tools they need to grow their
businesses and be successful."

ProStores 9.3.2 features include:

— Built-In Web Analytics Tool: Enables merchants to get at-a-glance summary trends on the analytics dashboard, or more detailed sales and visits information displayed in tabular chart and line chart graphics. It also allows merchants to pull data from a date range you set, including pre-defined, last x days and custom date ranges. The Analytics
tool is built-in to ProStores and quick and easy to turn on – so merchants do not need to install a script or go to another tool to track their store’s performance.
— Category Promotions: With Category Promotions, merchants can now offer "percent off" or "flat amount" discounts on an entire category or subcategory of products.
— Improved Checkout Experience for Your Customers: Merchants can choose to select one-page checkout or the new, streamlined, multipage checkout flow that allows buyers to enter billing and shipping information on one page. On both the one-page and multi-page checkout flow options, the store credit field will now only be displayed on invoices if store
credits exist. Also, a new customer who checks out using an email address already in the system will receive a "User Already Exists" message and can recover their password.
— Manual Adjustment of Invoice Discounts: Merchants can now decrease the flat amount off discount amount for store level promotions on an invoice when your customers return a portion of an order.
— Quick Access to Pending Orders: Save time with faster, easier access to your pending orders.
— Improved Customer Experience When Using PayPal: Shoppers who purchased items from a merchant’s store and used PayPal Standard used to click on the "return to store" link at PayPal and find their previously filled shopping carts emptied. With ProStores 9.3.2, customers can pay at PayPal but return to the store with the cart still stocked, so there is
no need for them to refill it and checkout again.
— Support for Store Inventory Format Removal Change on eBay: Store Inventory Format has been removed from ProStores to comply with eBay’s most recent changes.


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