Thinking Code Software introduced Dejumble 2.0 Beta

Thinking Code Software, Inc. today is pleased to announce the release of Dejumble 2.0 as a public beta, an update to their flexible organizational application for Mac OS X. Dejumble is a simple to use, yet powerful productivity application for task and note management. Dejumble provides an always-available, menu-bar-accessible view for collecting notes and tasks, as well as advanced features for searching and organizing to-do lists and notes. The update features wiki-like syntax and formatting.

Dejumble 2.0 is designed to do 3 simple things well: create projects; create tasks and notes; and organize, sort and search. Projects are defined as generalized, broad goals, and tasks and notes are grouped within projects, contributing to the project’s completion. Dejumble accommodates informal projects such as simple reminder lists, but also supports more formal task management methods such as GTD.

Getting Things Done (GTD) differs from traditional task management theories which emphasize prioritization of tasks. GTD proposes a workflow process emphasizing control and perspective, with shifting priorities in the midst of activity. Productivity is related to freeing the mind from having to recall details during activity. The system relies on sophisticated methods of recording, listing, sorting, and retrieving things to be done.

Feature Highlights:

  • Convenient, simple tool for taking notes and making to-do lists
  • Easy project creation – assign tasks, notes, and lists to any project
  • User-friendly note-taking allows user to quickly capture ideas
  • Dejumble’s simple wiki-like syntax makes formatting effortless
  • Intuitively add subtasks directly into notes of a task
  • Smart groups for advanced sorting and categorizing of tasks
  • Links to documents or URLs
  • Ideal for casual to-do lists, or complex project management
  • Perfect complement to David Allen’s acclaimed Getting Things Done management system
  • iPhone, iPad and web version of Dejumble under development

New projects are simple to create and can be synchronized with Apple iCal. Projects may be titled, given a due date, a storage location and a listing. A second tab in the Projects window brings up the task fields. Tasks can be added to any project, labelled, prioritized by importance or due date, tagged, and linked. Version 2.0 includes better support for embedded URLs, improved iCal synchronization, integrated view of all projects, simpler completion tracking, and subtasks and task lists within task notes.

"Sometimes a person can be his own worst enemy," commented Thinking Code Software owner Allan Phillips. "Dejumble 2.0 enhances productivity by allowing brainstorming and planning to be so comprehensive and effective, that the individual is freed to work with nothing on his mind but the task at hand."

Device Requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.5 or later
  • Application size 11.2 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Dejumble 2.0 beta for Mac OS X is available now. The beta will be free until the official release of 2.0. Customers can pre-order during the beta period for $20.00 (USD).


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