EyeClick Showcased at Adobe CS5 Worldwide Launch

On April 14, 2010 Adobe unveiled their Creative Suite 5 line of software (Adobe CS5). Fans gathered in Istanbul, Turkey to celebrate the worldwide launch of the fifth editions of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and InDesign. There were over 650 participants as well as Adobe executives and specialists. The unforgettable event was produced by Medyasoft in partner with Alienfoot and featured live bands, stage performances, DJ’s, speeches and movies demonstrating new product elements.

EyeClick was proud to feature the EyeWall and EyeStep at the event. Large screens were transformed into vibrant, virtual shows centered on the new products from Adobe. Whether they projected an interactive keyboard, exploding firecrackers, or an oscillating ocean, guests were enthused by the bold displays. EyeClick CEO Ariel Almos, noted, “The EyeClick team was thrilled to be a part of the worldwide launch of Adobe Suite 5. We ourselves are fans of Adobe’s software and were very excited to team up for this celebration.”

The EyeWall and EyeStep turn any open wall or floor space into an eye-catching, interactive wonderland. Imagine guest or clients literally stopping in their tracts as the floor or surrounding walls begin to react to their presence and movements. With the ability to integrate content into exciting templates as well as create customized content, the EyeWall and EyeStep can be tailored to produce any effect or theme you have in mind. Both displays uniquely enhance product launches, retail spaces, tradeshows, and more.



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