World’s Most Affordable 3D Camera Rig- 3D-BS Mini Launched by 3D Film Factory

3D Film Factory has released the World’s most affordable 3D camera system for professional camcorders, compact HD cameras and DSLR cameras – the 3D-BS Mini Rig. This lightweight, precise, stereoscopic beam-splitter rig features an introductory retail price of just $2,495, while providing, almost unlimited camera and alignment control. Developed by award-winning filmmakers and veteran stereographers, the BS Mini rig offers a viable alternative to high-priced 3D rigs costing ten times as much.

“Our goal is to proliferate 3D production by making it accessible. In the real world that means making professional 3D systems that filmmakers can actually afford. The 3D-BS Mini Rig is our answer to that need“, said company president Karl Kozak. “Other rig manufacturers are making behemoth, expensive, overly complicated rigs. We went the other way. Creating the World’s least expensive, professional beam-splitter. It’s simple and small, and made for the Si-2K mini, Canon 5D, 7D, Red’s Scarlet and compact camcorders. We couldn’t be happier with the result.”

The 3D-BS Mini Rig (beam-splitter) is fully adjustable, allowing users to have total control over convergence settings (1° to 5°), inter-ocular (camera-to-camera) distances (0” to 4”) and, with an extra adapter, you get full camera tilt and roll (XYZ axis), for perfect alignment.

Boasting a weight of just 19.8 lbs, its black anodized aluminum frame is virtually indestructible. Designed to accommodate smaller professional camcorders, like the Canon XH-G1 or Sony EX3, it really shines with compact HD cameras, including Red’s Scarlet, the Si-2K mini and the Canon DSLR 5D and 7D still cameras.

At the center of the mirror box is a piece of optically engineered, impurity-free, 50/50 beam-splitter glass, that’s been optimized for 45°. It’s fully encased in our specialty high-grade plastic, that’s both light-dampening and completely detachable. Finally, the entire 3D rig readily attaches to most professional tripod heads with a simple aluminum tripod adapter (¼-20 & 3/8- 16 screws).

The result is the World’s most affordable, professional stereoscopic beam-splitter ever produced. The BS Mini Rig makes 3D shooting both simple and amazingly precise. When combined with one of our real-time 3D viewing systems, a dual camera sync and genlock, cinematographers can capture extraordinary 3D images for a fraction of the cost of all other systems.

Additionally, the 3D Film Factory offers a complete line of 3D camera systems, including the 3D-BS Indie & Pro Rigs (beam-splitter), intended for larger broadcast cameras and camcorders, as well as, several inexpensive side-by-side rigs – the SS Indie & SS Pro Rigs. These dual cameras systems are less complex, but equally necessary for most 3D production situations.

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