New Release of Algebrator Mathematics Software From Softmath

Softmath today announced availability of the latest version of its
Algebrator software. Algebrator 5.0 is a mathematics tutoring
software program which solves and explains a wide range of problems
entered by users of the program. Version 5.0 is equally suitable for
grade-school students, who can see basic arithmetic operations broken
down to elementary steps, as well as for college students who need to
brush up on trigonometry and statistics before taking a calculus class.

Step-by-step solutions provided by Algebrator are virtually
indistinguishable from the solutions given by the math teacher, making
the software an ideal 24/7 math tutor. The software works seamlessly on
both Windows and MAC-based PCs.

In addition to greatly expanding the covered math areas,
Algebrator can now export its solution process to MathML – a standard
format used for displaying mathematics on the web. In close
collaboration with InftyReader Group, Inc., Softmath has developed a
process that makes Algebrator’s benefits available to students with
vision impairment.

"Softmath is making a concerted effort to make our software
available to all segments of student populations. By teaming up with
InftyReader Group, a company that markets an Optical Character
Recognition (OCR) application that recognizes and translates scientific
documents into LaTeX and MathML, we hope to continue our strong
tradition of innovation," said Neven Jurkovic, Ph.D., president of

"It’s been rewarding, working with Dr. Jurkovic, in support of
helping to level the math playing field for students with print
disabilities," said Steve Jacobs, CEO of InftyReader Group, Inc. and
president of IDEAL Group, Inc.

In another effort to reach a traditionally underserved student
population, Softmath will be releasing Algebrator 5.0 in both English
and Spanish.


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