McAfee VirusScan Mobile is now available for Android-based smartphones

McAfee, Inc. today announced the availability of its anti-malware solution to secure Android-based smartphones. The McAfee VirusScan Mobile technology is available now for users of Android and Windows Mobile-based smartphones from SK Telecom in Korea. The software can be downloaded at no additional charge by SK Telecom customers from SK Telecom’s mobile application store “TStore.”

Mobile Internet access and mobile service usage is growing rapidly and cyber criminals are expected to pay more attention to this sector. Mobile device platforms compete for innovation created by application developers and other content creators who are increasingly demanding more device access. As their requests grow in numbers and they distribute their products more widely, security breaches will be inevitable.

“Wherever mobile consumers go, threats will follow them,” says Jan Volzke, worldwide head of mobile marketing for McAfee. “McAfee is committed to tackling mobile threats. The introduction of McAfee VirusScan Mobile technology for Android allows McAfee to protect more consumers in more situations of their rapidly changing digital life.”

Once installed, McAfee VirusScan Mobile technology protects SK Telecom’s mobile devices from malware, secures personal information and helps ensure critical communication functions work while users are on the go. Featuring automatic protection updates the technology secures the mobile device as soon as new threats are found. Using real-time scanning it protects users from both known and suspicious Android-based malware. McAfee VirusScan Mobile technology is available now for the Motorola XT720, the first Android device available in Korea, and will soon be available for other planned Android phones.

“The user environment of a smartphone is similar to that of a PC, so many security issues can be applied equally,” said Hu jong Kim, service technique director of SK Telecom. “Infections can occur over message attachments, application downloads and Bluetooth. Through this partnership, we are pleased to now offer our SK Telecom users peace of mind that their smartphones have a new level of security.”

McAfee has shipped mobile security technology on more than 100 million mobile devices and is a clear leader in the mobile security market. SK Telecom is the leading mobile carrier in South Korea with more than 50 percent market share and more than 20 million mobile subscribers. SK Telecom marks the first time that McAfee is providing McAfee VirusScan Mobile technology as an Android application download. McAfee has been offering its mobile protection technology for other device platforms since 2003.


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