Falcon-BVMS Series of Multiple Video Management Software Introduced by DNF Security

DNF Security, a Dynamic Network Factory (DNF) business unit and provider of mission-critical IP surveillance solutions, today unveiled its Falcon-BVMS Series of a bunch of video management software. The Falcon-BVMS incorporates multiple VMS and integrated RAID protected shared video storage within a single physical hardware. The configuration allows users to have fewer points of management, save on energy expenses, and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

According to Mo Tahmasebi, CEO for DNF Security, the Falcon-BVMS Series is designed from the ground up to meet the demanding requirements of surveillance applications. The server allows for allocation and load-balancing of camera streams and hardware resources between the multiple VMS, giving you higher efficiency and resource utilization.

“The Falcon-BVMS eliminates the need for physical edge recorders on the peripheral,” said Tahmasebi. “By having a shared video storage pool within the platform, application performance and user productivity will not be impacted because the storage volume for each VMS can be increased on the fly as needed.”

With capacities ranging up to 98TB of internal storage, the Falcon-BVMS series delivers on DNF Security’s commitment to provide superior scalability, balanced performance, and affordability than traditional video servers. All of the Falcon models feature redundant, hot-swap components and comprehensive RAID protection.

The Falcon-BVMS Series also offer:
• Eight-Core 64-Bit Architecture
• Offers choice of SATA, SAS, or SSD drives
• Offers expansion using iSCSI, SAS, and JBOD
• Open Hardware Platform
• Compatible with Leading Industry Video Management Software

The Falcon-BVMS Series is currently available. Contact DNF Security at 800.947.4742 for more information



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