SFR and MTV Launches Samsung Player MTV

SFR and MTV launched the Samsung Player MTV offering direct access to MTV channels and playlists, video and mobile SFR service.

SFR and MTV expand their distribution partnership with mobile special series announcing the launch of Samsung Player MTV who will enjoy the musical and video services from MTV and SFR.

The player has an MTV tactile 2.8 "QVGA resolution (240 x 320 pixels), WiFi and Bluetooth connectivities, FM Radio, a microSDHC memory card slot and a three megapixel digital camera back. It’s a phone compatible with GSM/EDGE and 3G/3G+ with a 3.5mm headphone jack.

MTV’s content and SFR services

In this special version, there is a specific interface to the colors of MTV, direct access to channels and MTV playlists via two widgets but also more than three hours of video content on the MTV: Pimp My Ride Season series, Made, My amazing birthday present, My Life… on the memory card of 2GB provided.

The Player TV also loads of viral videos, wallpapers, ringtones and games. Moreover, the phone has access to SFR services via the Vodafone Live! TV, Messenger by SFR, mobile messaging and music.

The Samsung TV Player will be available from May 11 through the online store in the SFR and SFR areas. It will be marketed from 1 € (31 € and 30 € in rebate offers). Packages frozen "the MTV series of SFR" are proposed from 15.90 € including 40 minutes of communications, SMS Unlimited 17-21 h for less than 18 years and access to all channels MTV Unlimited.

If this is the first unit, SFR also offers the first mobile advantage, which includes 30 minutes of free calls per month to the LICO or fixed number of one parent.


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