Intelimax Media launch its revolutionary InteliGaming Network

Intelimax Media Inc. launches its recently developed Inteligaming Network. Our major goal over the last 12 months was to release our poker and
fantasy sports products as part of a comprehensive and all encompassing
network. Having invested several $$ million, and almost as many
development hours, we are now at a point where we have released our
highly developed and extremely flexible "InteliGaming Network". With the
ability to run multiple iGaming white label partners from the
InteliGaming Network we can provide either a closed community of users, a
syndicated game play scenario across the entire InteliGaming Network or
a combination of both. As many potential clients need a critical mass
of players, the syndication option is a real and unique plus for new
entrants to this iGaming space. The boundaries will be limitless and
offer significant opportunities.

One significant milestone has been the recent release of our
subscription based online gaming network. In tandem with this, we will
target, what we consider to be, two key areas of the global iGaming

– A "White Label" revenue sharing iGaming platform to those companies wishing to offer local state and/or nationwide iGaming products and companies wishing to maximise on web based revenue opportunities from its existing  customer/client community.

The next phase.

Having recently signed a White label agreement with Beast Gaming, we have shown
the InteliGaming Network is truly market ready and in a very strong
position to deliver to a global client base.

Chaz Green , President & CEO of Intelimax
commented, "The transition from a development lead company into a sales
& marketing lead enterprise is a very exciting step and one we are
fully equipped to transition towards as our client base grows. The
signing of Beast Gaming
marks the beginning of this critical transition. These are very
exciting times for Intelimax".

Chaz continued "To summarise, it’s all about building online iGaming
communities and attracting a loyal customer base. Subscription iGaming
is poised to become the key driver to achieve this high loyalty or
consumer "Stickiness" as it is known. However without the critical
player mass many operators will find this very difficult to achieve. The
multi operator flexibility of the Inteligaming White Label subscription
model will overcome this and is positioned to be a market leader in its
field. Furthermore it will maximise on this expansive market growth for
its clients through its unique syndicated player feature of Gamboozle."


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