Download Mass Effect 2 “Equalizer Pack” DLC Pack for PC

The Mass Effect 2 "Equalizer Pack" DLC Pack for PC is now offered by BioWare Social Network which is available for 160 BioWare points ($2.00 USD). Word on the DLC is that "Cerberus doesn’t just need a hero – they need a one-man army. That’s why The Equalizer Pack adds the Capacitor Helmet, Archon Visor, and Inferno Armor to Shepard’s armor locker.

The Capacitor Helmet stores power for kinetic barriers, allowing Shepard’s shields to recharge faster. The Archon Visor manages omni-tools and biotic amps, reducing the recharge time of Shepard’s powers. The powered Inferno Armor speeds up Shepard’s movements and increases his tech and biotic power damage. Stress analysis software even gives him an edge in negotiations outside of combat.

The Equalizer — when the armor goes on, the gloves come off."


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