Dropbox Releases Dropbox Anywhere Mobile Apps For Android, iPad and BlackBerry

Dropbox now available for Android, iPad and BlackBerry

New Dropbox mobile API and developer program for iPhone, iPad and Android apps

QuickOffice, DataViz, GoodReader, FuzeMeeting and others announce Dropbox-enabled applications

Dropbox, the leading provider of Internet file synchronization, sharing and security services, today announced the release of Dropbox Anywhere – a new set of mobile apps and APIs. Users can now have simple and seamless access to their files from virtually any device or mobile app.

With this release, Dropbox is now available for Android, iPad and BlackBerry, and joins the existing Dropbox iPhone app in providing native support for accessing, viewing and sharing documents and files stored in Dropbox directly from these devices. The company is also announcing the Dropbox mobile API, which will enable developers to create apps that access the contents of users’ Dropbox accounts, while keeping them seamlessly in sync across devices.  

The new Dropbox apps, as well as the first Dropbox-enabled partner apps, are available now at http://dropbox.com/anywhere.

More people than ever face the challenge of making their documents, photos and other files available and in sync across the ever-increasing group of devices they use everyday. This challenge has increased as these devices – and the apps they enable – grow more sophisticated.  Providing support for all major mobile platforms, Dropbox Anywhere solves this problem by making documents and media ubiquitously available across the multiple computers and devices a given user accesses in the course of a day. And with the Dropbox mobile API, these benefits can be extended to the new generation of mobile apps, making them easier to use and more valuable.

"With the innovation and growth in mobile computing, the industry is shifting from a PC and desktop centric model to one where our daily computing experience spans multiple devices and locations," said Drew Houston, CEO and founder of Dropbox. "By providing seamless and ubiquitous access to users’ files and media in the most popular phones and tablets, Dropbox Anywhere helps deliver on the promise of the new mobile model, and makes using these devices more productive and fun."

"We continue to see consumers wanting the ability to easily and quickly access, view, edit and share Office documents anywhere, anytime, as it’s an essential component to increasing productivity on the go," said Gregg Fiddes, VP of sales and strategic partnerships at Quickoffice. "By integrating the new Dropbox mobile API into our mobile applications, initially on iPhone with additional platforms soon to follow, we’re creating a seamless mobile office experience that allows users to remotely access and edit their digital files stored in the cloud."

Dropbox Anywhere Features

Dropbox Anywhere includes support for new mobile devices and platforms, and important new developer capabilities:

  • Native Dropbox apps for Android, Apple iPad and BlackBerry: With the new set of mobile Dropbox apps, files and documents stored in Dropbox can now be accessed, managed and shared directly from users’ favorite devices. Dropbox is optimized for each of the devices unique capabilities, such as the ability to capture, upload and share photos and video on Android, and provide a full screen reading experience on the iPad. Dropbox for Android and iPad are availability immediately, with the BlackBerry application expected to ship this summer.
  • Dropbox mobile API:  Developers can now include Dropbox’s file access and syncing capabilities directly in their mobile apps, giving them immediate access to users’ documents and files, and allow them to integrate with the desktop without having to create additional file management infrastructure.
  • New Dropbox enabled applications: Dropbox is delighted join with leaders in the mobile app market to launch the first set of Dropbox-enabled apps.





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Documents To Go

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