Intergraph Releases New Version of SmartMarine 3D Software for Offshore and Ship Design

Intergraph has released the new version of its SmartMarine 3D
enterprise engineering and manufacturing software with expanded
automation capabilities to further increase design quality, consistency,
productivity and accelerate project schedules.

SmartMarine 3D is the rule-based design and fabrication component of
Intergraph’s SmartMarine Enterprise software portfolio that enables
offshore platform providers, fabricators and shipbuilders to increase
their productivity by 20-to-35 percent, compared to traditional systems.
The software offers a multidiscipline, integrated, worksharing-enabled
environment for the modular design of structures, piping, equipment,
HVAC and electrical modeling with automated detailing drawing

The newest version of SmartMarine 3D further increase productivity
with enhanced rule-based design automation capabilities. Graphical
programming capabilities, referred to as "geometric constructions"
enable the efficient definition of complex elements and structures based
on engineering, construction and manufacturing rules. Once defined, the
geometric constructions can be applied to other similar situations in
the model. With Intergraph’s patented associativity engine, the
geometric construction will be fully adapted to the new situation using
other objects as input parameters, saving time and preserving design

The new features in SmartMarine 3D also include expanded multi- 3D
model referencing and model data reuse capabilities. SmartMarine 3D now
can reference external data from many sources for visualization, clash
detection and routed systems connections. Supported formats include PDS,
PDMS, ACIS (.sat), MicroStation (dgn. V7 & V8), AutoCAD (.dwg) and
Intergraph SmartPlant Review (.vue). This capability is very powerful
when undertaking repeated 3D designs or for joint venture projects where
multiple companies may be using different design products.

Often in offshore structure and shipbuilding buildups, the elements
created are treated as single entities during the pre-FEED and FEED
phase, but are separated into independent parts at the detail design and
manufacturing stage. By using the advanced design, planning and
manufacturing capabilities of SmartMarine 3D, users can bring these new
features all the way from design to manufacturing without remodeling.
This ensures consistency of designs and as-built situations which
improve the overall quality as well as the productivity of the project.

For extended model data reuse, SmartMarine 3D can copy 3D data within
a model or to another model while maintaining relationships within the
design. Entire modules or even units of a platform or vessel can be
replicated with all their associated intelligence, reducing valuable
engineering design effort while accelerating project schedules.

Other notable expanded capabilities of the newest version of
SmartMarine 3D include:

--  Grid system enhancements
--  Enhancements to geometric constructions and advanced plate systems
--  Additions to rule-based gaps
--  Manufacturing of closed cross-sections
--  Automated rule-based drawing enhancements
--  Splitting of buildups
--  Rule-based tubular connections (CANS).

"SmartMarine 3D is the only new-generation 3D solution specifically
developed for the offshore and marine industry. The industry no longer
has to rely on old, limited systems with limited and proprietary
technology. Now, clients can take advantage of this technology to bring
productivity into their business and enhance global competitiveness,"
said Patrick Holcomb, Intergraph Process, Power & Marine executive
vice president.


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