Nintendo Wii black will soon be realising

Already available with us since late last year, the Wii black will soon be appearing in the U.S., in a rather interesting package for those who have never tasted the Wiimote.

Nathalie had presented Wii Black last November, a new color for the Nintendo console that was supposed to boost sales of the machine. And to accompany it, were included Wii Sports and its sequel Wii Sports Resort, a Wiimote, a Nunchuk and the Wii MotionPlus. All for 210 €, or a rate far from excessive.

Europe had been so limited in this offer, but just imagine that the U.S. had not previously served. Only a few days to wait for our other friends that this injustice is corrected.

All the same, but cheaper?

The pack will be substantially the same as that which we have been entitled. Only the price will be something better for us because it will cost $ 200 to take possession of the bundle. This will also affect the Wii white, to do so no jealous.

Listing May 9 next the States.


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