Cox Delivers Plus Package DVR Service With Cisco Set-Top Boxes


  • Cisco announced today it has teamed with Cox
    Communications to deliver the new Cox "Plus Package," featuring
    high-definition Whole Home digital video recorder (DVR) service with
    Cisco Explorer next-generation set-top boxes. The Cox Plus Package also
    includes Cox’s new Trio tru2way interactive program guide and an
    expanded lineup of HD channels. (Each Cox plant must be upgraded to 1
    GHz for customers in that market to receive the additional programming.)
  • The Plus Package is scheduled to be available to customers beginning
    in the second quarter of 2010 and to be rolled out to Cox’s entire
    customer base by year-end.
  • Cox’s Whole Home DVR offers three times the storage capacity of
    standard DVR service and features the Cisco Explorer 8642HDC DVR and the
    Cisco Explorer 1642HDC digital-only (non-DVR) interactive multimedia
    gateways. The HD-DVR and gateway devices are connected using Internet
    Protocol (IP) and Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) technology to
    minimize the need for new wiring in the home.
  • With tru2way, consumers can experience a more interactive TV
    experience. Tru2way software serves as a "universal translator," so
    retail devices like HDTVs can receive a full range of digital cable
    services, including interactive guides, video on demand, and new
    applications and services yet to be deployed. Using their remotes,
    viewers will be able to access interactive entertainment and information
    — including games, shopping, music, news, weather, local information,
    sports, advertising, voting and polling, banking and other services —
    embedded in particular programs.


Cox Plus Package:

  • The launch of the Cox Plus Package offering
    marks a series of "firsts" for Cox, Cisco and the cable industry:

    • Cox
      will be the first cable operator to introduce Whole Home DVR service
      with tru2way capabilities in multiple markets.
    • Cox plans to deploy Cisco next-generation set-top boxes overlaying
      existing technology from another supplier in the second quarter —
      proving that the vision for tru2way and set-top box platform
      interoperability is a reality.
    • This is also the first time that Cisco set-top boxes will be widely
      deployed in both Cisco and other suppliers’ sites across the Cox
      footprint using tru2way.

Cisco Next-Gen Set-Tops: Helping Consumers Experience "The
Connected Life"

  • The Cisco Explorer 8642HDC DVR and 1642HDC
    multimedia gateways offer a host of innovative features. Service
    providers may opt to use these new multimedia gateways to offer any of
    the following to their customers as part of their service:

    • Video
      on the Internet & HDTV: Internet video can be rebroadcast on HDTV,
      while stored DVR content can be passed over the Internet to the PC or
      laptop, in and outside the home, so users can decide when and where to
    • Mobility: Content enjoyed within the home can be programmed to be
      viewed on mobile devices.
    • More storage space: Options for 160 to 500 gigabytes of hard-disk
      space offer more room for users to store HD programs and movies
    • More power: Three times the processing power with new Cisco
      application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) support HD graphics and
      enhanced interactive applications for games and other entertainment.
    • Picture in Picture (PIP): Watch two programs at once with
      picture-in-picture capabilities.

Supporting Quotes:

  • "We expect to see high demand for
    Cox’s new Plus Package because it is great for consumers — offering
    more HD channels, an interactive guide with simple, intuitive navigation
    and Whole Home DVR at an affordable price," said James Kelso, vice
    president of video engineering, Cox Communications. "We have covered a
    lot of ground with this project, and Cisco’s vast experience and
    partnership from start to finish helped us succeed with our goals."
  • "Cox has passed a significant milestone within the cable industry,
    proving that its vision and perseverance to evolve the tru2way standard
    has become a reality with the launch of the new Plus Package," said Tom
    Nilson, vice president and general manager, North America Cable
    Subscriber Business, Cisco. "Working with Cox on this project has
    strengthened our longtime partnership, and we look forward to helping
    Cox roll out the service with Cisco set-top boxes in additional markets
    later this year."


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