Oracle Announces Primavera Inspire for SAP 7.0

Further simplifying enterprise project portfolio
management, Oracle today announced the launch of Oracle’s Primavera Inspire for SAP 7.0 for enhanced integration
between Oracle’s Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management
and SAP enterprise resource planning (ERP) project-related modules.
Oracle’s Primavera Inspire for SAP 7.0 enables executives
and project managers to achieve measurable ROI by aligning material, resource,
schedule and financial information between SAP’s Materials Management, Project
System and Plant Maintenance modules and Oracle’s Primavera P6.
Primavera Inspire for SAP 7.0 improves project planning
and execution by giving project managers the visibility needed to more
efficiently manage and utilize resources across corporate divisions and
The integration also enables large capital projects to be
delivered on time and within budget.
Primavera Inspire for SAP 7.0 helps organizations to
improve the management and forecasting of material, cost, schedule and resource
requirements for routine maintenance.
By giving organizations visibility into past and expected
future project performance across both Primavera and SAP systems, Primavera
Inspire for SAP 7.0 helps mitigate project risk and increase workforce
productivity, and extends the customer’s investment in their existing SAP
project management modules by enabling fully synchronized project, materials and
resource management.

Synchronized Project, Materials and Resource Management

Primavera Inspire for SAP 7.0 now leverages components of
SAP’s materials management process, which further extends Primavera P6 or
managing all of the projects that are core to an organization’s business.
New capabilities within Primavera Inspire for SAP 7.0
  • Materials Management Integration from SAP ERP to
    Primavera P6 – Supports the visibility of stock and non-stock material
    requirements as resource assignments or activities in the Primavera P6 project
    plan, allowing project managers and operational leads to not only see required
    materials and their status, but also the impact of long lead items in the
    project plan.
  • E-mail Confirmation/Notification of Synchronization
    Results – Leverages synchronization scheduling functionality by providing e-mail
    confirmation/notification with synchronization details without requiring end
    users to log into the system.
  • Performance and Memory Utilization Improvements –
    Technical enhancements deliver up to a 30 percent improvement in resource master
    synchronization while also enabling parallel processing for faster
    synchronization and improved memory consumption on large data volumes.

Supporting Quote

“Lack of visibility into project requirements and
resources not only increases risk, but also negatively impacts an organization’s
ability to complete projects on-time and within budget,” said Joel Koppelman,
senior vice president and general manager, Oracle’s Primavera GBU. “With the
introduction of Oracle’s Primavera Inspire for SAP 7.0, Oracle is enabling
organizations to increase visibility into past and expected future project
performance by seamlessly integrating Primavera P6 with SAP. This integration
not only helps organizations easily synchronize project, materials and resource
management, but importantly enables reduced project risk and increased workforce
productivity, and drives ROI.”


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