JetBrains Releases PhpStorm 1.0 and WebStorm 1.0

JetBrains Releases Two Full-Featured Development Environments for Productive Development With PHP, HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

JetBrains, the creators of intelligent, productivity-enhancing development tools for developers, expands its line of language-specific IDEs and announces the general availability of two new products for PHP and Web development: PhpStorm 1.0 and WebStorm 1.0.

Following the success of JetBrains RubyMine, its first language-specific IDE for Ruby/Rails, JetBrains chooses PHP, one of the most widely used web development technologies, as the next area to conquer.

"Java developers using IntelliJ IDEA and also working with PHP have long asked us to add PHP language support. We released initial PHP support in IntelliJ IDEA 9.0 with the plan to create a specific IDE later on," said Maxim Mossienko, project lead at JetBrains. "While we still plan to keep IntelliJ IDEA as an ultimate IDE for polyglot programming, the IntelliJ Platform allows us to easily build language-specific development environments. PhpStorm and WebStorm are the next installment in this line of lightweight yet powerful IDEs."

JetBrains has often been praised for creating the best HTML, CSS and JavaScript editors. Inheriting these strengths, WebStorm and PhpStorm add new remarkable features such as project deployment and synchronization over FTP, to create a great environment for an easier and more productive web development.

A key advantage of both WebStorm and PhpStorm is their deep understanding of code, be it JavaScript, PHP, HTML, or CSS. These IDEs perform a comprehensive analysis of project code and offer developers best-in-class code insight, code completion suggestions and project navigation facilities.

PhpStorm 1.0 also provides these key features:

  • Advanced support for PHP development – including smart code completion, inspections, refactorings and quick code navigation.
  • Graphical PHP Debugger – with conditional breakpoints, watches and smart step-into.
  • PhpUnit testing frameworks support – with a GUI-based test runner.

Separate personal and commercial licenses are available for WebStorm and PhpStorm, affordably priced and with significant "introductory" discount available until September 2010. Each license includes free IDE updates for 1 year after the purchase date, covering even major new releases.

To learn more about JetBrains WebStorm or JetBrains PhpStorm and download either product, visit the JetBrains website at

As usual, free 45-day evaluations of both IDEs are available at


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