Bangladesh blocks Facebook access for insulting Islam

After Pakistan, it is the turn of Bangladesh to block access to the Community network Facebook.

We were talking about it a few days, the Pakistan had decided to block access at many sites such as Facebook, Wikipedia and YouTube because of the presence of qualified blasphemous drawings depicting Prophet Muhammad as. After a few days, the Pakistani Interior Minister Rehman Malik had announced the lifting of the total block explaining that the outright ban of a site because of some pages was an overreaction. For cons, the filter was always in place preventing the consultation sacrilegious content.

Today it is Bangladesh that censors material similar to Facebook, ostensibly for insulting Islam, through the publication of Muhammad cartoons. This censorship follows pressure from the street or thousands of people demonstrated for the removal of these cartoons. Also implicated website pages containing images deemed "odious" of some leaders of countries, including the father of the nation, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and the opposition leader. Note that "activist" has been arrested and is suspected of having published these pictures.

The government of Bangladesh has announced that it would temporarily block: "Facebook will be available again as soon as the pages containing these hateful images have been removed."


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