MSI’s Big Bang-Fuzion And FUNTORO Telematics Wins Best Choice At COMPUTEX 2010

World leader in computer technology Micro-Star International announced today
that its Big Bang-Fuzion and Telematics Box both won 2010 Best Choice of
COMPUTEX Taipei Award for their unmatched designs.

The eyes of the
global ICT industry will fall on COMPUTEX Taipei 2010 which opens its doors on
June 1. During the recent Best Choice of COMPUTEX Taipei Award competition,
designed to encourage technological innovation in the domestic IT industry,
MSI’s Big Bang-Fuzion motherboard and Telematics Box won the top award in their
respective categories. Worthy of note are the Big Bang-Fuzion motherboard’s
unique design components, including Fuzion technology, military-class materials,
THX sound, and OC Genie, which helped it beat out the competition. What’s more,
it was the only Intel platform product to win. The Telematics Box with
innovative patented multimedia technology was the only computer in the vehicle
electronics product category to win over the judges. These feats once again
testify to the quality of MSI’s products as the company continues to strive to
"Insist on the Best." MSI, which receives Best Choice of COMPUTEX Awards every
year, continues to win hearts with its innovation and minds with its quality

Big Bang-Fuzion
motherboard—Only Intel platform product to win


MSI’s Big
Bang-Fuzion is the first motherboard on the market to incorporate such advanced
functions as a graphics card with Fuzion technology, 100% Hi-c CAP
military-class materials, THX TruStudio Pro sound technology, and OC Dashboard
turbo boost board, and it supports Creative EAX Advanced HD 5.0 (another first).
As soon as it hit the market, MSI’s Big Bang-Fuzion stole the global IT
spotlight and snatched countless awards from the media. Winning the Best Choice
of COMPUTEX Taipei Award this year once again testifies to MSI’s technical
prowess and insistence on quality materials in the production of its

FUNTORO Telematics—Sole winner in vehicle
electronics category


The FUNTORO Telematics is a wireless
access solution designed for use in mass transport systems, such as buses and
trains. Equipped with wireless access capabilities that utilize different
transmission profiles, including WiFi, Bluetooth, CDMA, 3G, 3.5G, TD, and WiMax,
to provide passengers a wide variety of entertainment choices (videos, up-to-the
minute news, television, and the weather), city travel information, and instant
advertisements. It can also provide drivers with the latest traffic updates. It
can also show passengers their current location via cabin displays using GPS
functions. The Telematics Box provides better service and better fleet
management, enhances brand image, and increases income through advertising. 


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