Pretec Offers USB 3.0 Card Reader, 128GB CFast Hypersonic, 64GB Video Grade SDXC, & Award-Winning Design Flash Products

Pretec, the leader of the highest capacity (128GB) CF card, fastest CF
card(667X), and first SDXC card in the world, offers a full series of innovative
products of "Cool Memories, the Ultimate in Style &
Speed," including CFast "Hypersonic," USB3.0 High-Speed
Multi-Card Reader, 64GB video grade SDXC and many award-accredited USB
flash products at Pretec booth at Computex Taipei 2010 (TWTC Nangang
Exhibition Hall, Lower Exhibition Hall booth J317a).

Faster and Bigger CFast Storage Card From Pretec Reaches

The patent pending Pretec’s 2nd generation CFast "Hypersonic series"
has reached the unparalleled speed, capacity and reliability. With the
sequential performance up to 250MB/s in read, 110MB/s in write speed and
dimension measured only 36mmx43mmx5.0mm, CFast Hypersonic is the smallest and
fastest SATA II SSD in the world. Available in capacities from 16GB to 128GB,
Pretec CFast Hypersonic is the highest capacity CFast in the world. Pretec also
offers CFast host connector and CFast to standard SATA adapter, so customers can
evaluate or design-in CFast with ease. Pretec CFast Hypersonic will start
sampling in June, with mass production scheduled by July of 2010.

Pretec Releases World’s 1st USB 3.0 Card Reader

P240 USB3.0 High-Speed Multi-Card Reader is the 1st USB3.0 card reader
in the world supporting high-performance SDXC, CF and other major memory cards.
Pretec ExpressCard CF card reader and Pretec ExpressCard SD/SDXC card reader are
the fastest card readers in the world capable of transferring data in the range
of 100MB/s. The ultra high performance allows user applications to demand a
higher performance connection between PC and increasingly sophisticated
peripherals. Pretec P240 USB3.0 Multi-Card reader will start sampling by next
month, with mass production scheduled in August.

Pretec Releases 2nd Generation SDXC 64GB

The new Class 16 HD video grade SDXC 64GB card and SDHC Waterproof
card will enhance the sustained write speed to be more than 16MB/s, the
fastest of any SD cards in the world in the range of Class 16. Available from
32GB ~ 64GB, Pretec SDXC Class 16 card will be the fastest in the flash industry
while the 64GB SDHC/SDXC card is the highest capacity in the world so far.
Pretec SDHC/SDXC Class 16 64GB will start sampling by next month. To further
enhance the reliability and full protection of the precious memories stored in
the SD cards, an upgradable Photo Recovery tool preloaded in the cards adds up
to the high speed and security of this card, making Pretec Class 16 series the
finest SDHC/SDXC cards to satisfy customers who aim at the highest achievements.

Design Competition and Pretec’s Winner of Taiwan Excellence Award

A full lineup of award accredited products and winning design works of
"Backpacker USB Flash Drive" will be shown at Computex to continue
its history of stylish design. i-Disk Backpacker USB flash drive, whose white
body opens a door to many possibilities of imagination or transformation of
varieties of color and patterns, is part of the theme of  "Cool Memories,
the Ultimate in Style & Speed". Pretec is actively participating in
the design field by hosting "i-Disk Backpacker Design Competition," which
successfully attracted many of Taiwan’s best
design school students to create their own dream Backpacker.

The patent-pending i-Disk Lock- winner of Taiwan Excellence Award and the
Golden Pin Design Award, is a USB flash drive that keeps your data safe
inside out. With its special hook design which cleverly conceal the USB
connector section while moving the hook, i-Disk Lock can be easily hooked in a
purse, bag etc.

Another winner of the Taiwan Excellence Award is Pretec H220
Intellicable™, the next-generation internet connection
device for notebooks featuring instant 3G connection through a mobile phone.
Extending the flash memory applications beyond storage to mobile data
communication, Pretec H220 Intellicable™ is the simplest and fastest way to get
internet connection using a cell phone with no setup required, by simply
plugging it to the USB port of your computer and mini-USB (or micro-USB) port of
your mobile phone.

Adding on the Pretec design gallery, i-Disk BiBi and Plug2Go Smart Card
Drive are both winners of the Golden Pin Design Award, the leading design
award in Taiwan. The patented i-Disk BiBi
multi-function USB flash drive features built-in whistle, in which sometimes
might be life-saving, to the storage of your digital life, excellent for the
application of mobile data storage combined with disaster preparation demand.

Combined with stylish design and innovative technology, the patent-pending
Plug2Go Smart Card Drive is the thinnest USB flash drive and smart card drive
in the world. With an internal memory of up to 4GB, Plug2Go provides
sufficient build-in storage space while it reads/writes microSD/microSDHC/M2
memory cards and Smart Cards in a credit card sized shape with build-in USB


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