Google Launches AdSense for Mobile Applications Beta Program

Google has always been working to help people grow their mobile business with ads. Today they made some tools even more flexible by allowing publishers participating in Google AdSense for Mobile Applications beta program to use third-party mediators. Mediation lets app developers use multiple ad networks simultaneously – reaching a greater pool of advertisers, and focusing more time on building their apps, and less time managing ad inventory.

AdSense for Mobile Application beta publishers will now be able to manage their ad inventory using third party ad serving mediators, as long as their apps meet these conditions, including:

  • Using the latest version of the AdSense for Mobile Applications SDK
  • Abiding by the AdSense for mobile applications terms and program policies
  • Agreeing to Google’s privacy policy

I think this is great news for Google AdSense for Mobile Application publishers because it will allow them to easily optimize and fill their ad inventory. I believe this also shows Google’s commitment to develop the mobile advertising ecosystem by ensuring that the most optimal ad is shown to users, and enabling its AdSense partners to earn more regardless of which networks they use.

To learn more about monetizing for mobile, or to learn more about how to apply for the AdSense for Mobile Applications beta program, please visit


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