Songbird 1.7.2 stable version released for Windows and Mac OS X

The Songbird media player is available in a new stable version 1.7.2 stamped takes over from version 1.4.3 in late 2009.

Songbird has neglected the Linux development no longer to focus only on Windows and Mac OS X, Linux milling inconspicuous simply not enough people. The 1.7 final (1.7.2) is thus the first of this new era.

This is announced with the added support for encoding MPEG4 and WMV, synchronization with the content on a SD card, the return video playback via a new implementation based on GStreamer. It is also referred to official support Windows 7, in the sense that it has been greatly improved. Still, all the functions at the interface of the operating system by Microsoft are also supported.

This will be the case of a forthcoming version 1.8 also with a new panel of services, improvements to the performance of synchronization with the supported devices. The 1.8 version seems to promise to serve as a basis for Nightingale, a fork of the project for the GNUI/Linux (the code Songbird still available).

Download Songbird

Windows XP/Vista:

Mac OS X Intel:


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