Metaversal Studios Announces ‘Frank Further’ for iPhone OS

Metaversal Studios, the video game content development arm of Alliance
Distributors, today announced the release of "Frank
Further", the sequel to their popular free iPhone game "Hot Dog Down a Hallway",
available worldwide through the iTunes App Store
for an introductory price of US$1.99.

With "Frank Further", the designers of the flying hot dog game series have
flown above and beyond the original game’s racy-but-innocent double-entendres to
produce a hilarious tri-pack of visual and verbal puns.  At first launch, the
game offers a "vegetarian option" that addresses a few players’ complaints about
cartoon violence by sending a carrot or turnip through the meat grinder instead
of a pig.  The player then selects a "stage" for the hot dog’s flight from a
carousel of diner dishes.  In keeping with the sequel’s theme, all of the game
menus are parts of a diner’s menu.

For the 1.0 release, Metaversal Studios serves up "Remix", "Retro", and
"Clay".  "Remix" updates the graphics of the original "Hot Dog Down a Hallway"
while maintaining its original flavor, while "Clay" takes the game into the
third dimension with graphics inspired by the animation styles of Will Vinton and Rankin/Bass and new items and
achievements.  Things really take off with "Retro", an homage to the Atari 2600
and the Super Nintendo that incorporates new gameplay elements from classic
games like "Pitfall", "Mario Bros." and

Lead Game Designer Jay Laird said, "The hardest part about getting this game
out the door was selecting from many ideas that everyone in the studio
contributed.  But that’s good news for our players: we plan to add new stages
and new surprises to the existing stages as part of the game’s regular free
updates." As with the company’s recently released iPad game system "GameRoom",
"Frank Further" will soon include a newsfeed that informs players about game
updates and a feedback system that lets the designers know which stages players
enjoy the most.

Jay Gelman, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
of Alliance Distributors, stated, "We’re excited to build on our existing brand
with this sequel and to continue our commitment to our players by responding to
their feedback and giving them more of what they want whenever possible."


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