ATCi Launches High Quality Live Mobile Video Streaming Service for iPhone and BlackBerry

The Service Complements ATCi’s IP Video Aggregation, GSM Backhaul and adds Direct Live Streaming of Concerts, News, Sports, Corporate Communications and Other Video Based Content to Smartphones

ATCi a leading service provider of live and on-demand video, satellite, mobile
GSM backhaul, corporate web communications and content management applications,
today announced from the CommunicAsia Expo in Singapore the official launch of its high quality, live
mobile video streaming service enabled for iPhone and BlackBerry users through
its MeshTV technology and delivery service.  

The new mobile video streaming service was developed by ATCi/MeshTV’s
integration group coupled with leading Multi-screen providers of next generation
encoding platforms. The service is capable of enabling adaptive and segmented
streaming to popular mobile devices to a multiplicity of Content Delivery

ATCi’s Mesh TV service was developed to enable delivery to multiple screens
(cable, broadcast, internet or mobile) from the same ingest point.  The service
enables subscribers to receive live and/or on-demand mobile wireless-based video
including sports, news, concerts and other live entertainment on their mobile
"smartphones" including Blackberries and iPhones via IP satellite and or IP
terrestrial circuits.  ATCi will offer the service throughout Asia through its newly announced Hong Kong teleport facility which is collocated with
Solana he, a leading edge gateway of fiber/satellite access in Asia and unique unparalleled delivery throughout China. ATCi’s unique technologies can be offered as a
service or directly integrated at any content media facility to meet today’s
multi-screen requirements.  

Integrated within the system is the IP Content
Harvester, a system that provides remote access from any IP hub to any
IP network worldwide allowing for an anywhere-to-anywhere solution.  The system
offers full satellite access from regular hub centers around the world by tying
them into fiber networks which ultimately provide worldwide access from one
remote/unmanned site.  

Gary Hatch CEO of ATCi  noted, "The Mesh TV multi-screen delivery technology
coupled with IP Content Harvester brings best-of-breed
technologies to the mobile market, and we are thrilled to be working to provide
winning business models to our media and mobile customers," Hatch concluded.


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