Symantec Supports MobiTV To Deliver Mobile Experiences

Mobile media technology provider
works with Symantec and Blue Chip Tek to reduce costs and streamline IT

Symantec Corp. today announced MobiTV,
Inc., a leading provider of technology solutions that deliver media
over wireless and broadband networks, relies on Symantec information
security and management software suites to automate IT processes,
consolidate multiple security technologies and reduce email storage

MobiTV’s end-to-end managed service platform enables the delivery of
100 television and video channels from more than 50 content providers,
including NBC, ABC, ESPN Mobile TV, Disney Channel, FOX News, COMEDY
CENTRAL and Bravo to its subscribers. The company’s subscriber base has
tripled over just the past two years to nine million, and its IT
infrastructure was feeling the strain.

“The IT service desk is our central hub for delivering internal
services and technologies to employees, and we were spending too much
time and money manually managing traditional service desk ticketing,
inventory management, asset tracking, provisioning and security
management,” said Chad Kalmes, IT Director, MobiTV. “We needed a
solution that was more integrated and would allow us to plug-and-play
various features into a common dashboard.”

MobiTV worked with Symantec partner Blue Chip Tek, Inc. to implement Altiris
Service and Asset Management Suite from Symantec for incident, asset
and inventory management, as well as Altiris
Client Management Suite and Altiris
Server Management Suite for system provisioning and patch
management. With the help of Blue Chip Tek, the configuration of
policies and implementation of the different Altiris technologies took
less than two weeks. Asset, inventory and patch management policies map
to the company’s IT governance polices, including Control Objectives for
Information Related Technology (COBIT) and Information Technology
Infrastructure Library (ITIL). Additionally, MobiTV has a centralized
management console that provides a consolidated view across all of its
different systems.

“The amount of time my team spends on service desk requests has
dropped by approximately 40 percent, and we have an accurate picture of
what is installed on each endpoint and the ability to remediate issues
remotely using the remote management technology in the Altiris product
suite,” added Kalmes. “We are able to manage our hardware IT budget
more efficiently by knowing our inventory of assets, which ones are in
use and which ones are unused. We are also able to reallocate and
redeploy assets much more quickly when employees change roles, are hired
or leave the company.”

Prior to Altiris Server Management Suite and Client Management Suite,
the process for client and server deployments was a manual process,
consuming valuable IT staff time. With standard images and remote
control capabilities, the time for client and server provisioning has
been reduced 25 percent and 10 percent, respectively.

Consolidating Security Solutions

Immediately following the endpoint management deployment, MobiTV
worked with Blue Chip Tek to migrate from its existing endpoint
security solution, which consisted of several disparate point products,
to Symantec
Protection Suite Enterprise Edition, an integrated set of data
security and management solutions that creates a protected endpoint,
messaging, and Web environment that is secured against today’s complex
malware, data loss and spam threats, and is quickly recoverable in the
event of failure.

“Our previous solution didn’t have adequate controls around spyware
and network intrusion prevention,” said Kalmes. “With Symantec
Protection Suite, we’ve gotten ahead of the zero-day attacks and other
malware exploits that had caused problems in the past. The smaller
footprint has created productivity improvements for end users, as
security updates and patches run in the background rather than
overwhelming CPU utilization on each machine.”

Archiving Reduces Storage Consumption

MobiTV also implemented Symantec
Enterprise Vault email and content archiving software to establish a
reliable, effective means of moving information from expensive storage
to lower cost storage. The reduction in email storage was immediate.
MobiTV eliminated 40 percent of its email storage using the
single-instance archiving and data compression technologies in
Enterprise Vault, an estimated nine terabytes over the past four years.
In addition, migration from tier-one storage to less-expensive SATA disk
shaved nearly 50 percent from email storage costs.

“We want to ensure that our team has the ability to access their
email archives regardless of their location and proximity to Internet
connectivity,” said Kalmes. “Enterprise Vault’s business benefits
extend to our end users too. The IT team rarely receives requests from
end users to recover messages because they can perform these tasks
themselves rather than contact the service desk.”


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