Postbox Express 1.0 available for Mac OS X and Windows

The company Postbox which publishes a namesake e-mail manager for Mac OS X and Windows, announces the availability of Postbox Express which is a free software’s flagship brand.

The alternative to Apple Mail or Thunderbird can therefore be aggregating in different accounts and offers the standard features of a mail client. Thus we find an anti-phishing, the ability to read messages by conversation or to archive them. Developers, who had based software on technology from Mozilla, have also implemented by reading email tabs.

Postbox Express stands out from Thunderbird displaying a true integration with Apple software. It is thus possible to find its address book to send invitations to iCal, use the Spotlight search engine or to export the photos to iPhoto received by email. The application is also compatible with task managers Things and OmniFocus. Note however that unlike Apple Mail Postbox Express, it does not charge Microsoft Exchange (the paid version, for that matter).

Unlike its big brother sold for 39.95 dollars, Postbox Express can receive extensions. These are however based on the development kit of Thunderbird. Similarly, the integration of community networks is reserved for the paid version. Moreover Postbox Express will not offer the option of automatic sorting for the content of messages (videos, photos, documents …). Finally, and probably what repel more than one user, Postbox Express is declined in English.

Find a comparison table and a download link here.


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