iVdopia launches iAd: The Future5 with HTML5 ad-authoring solution

App developers look to the Future5 to increase
monetization opportunities as the HTML5 ad-authoring solution provides
advertisers with an affordable alternative to the iAd

the largest video and rich media mobile advertising network, has a message for
those anxiously anticipating the July 1 launch of
iAd: The Future5 from iVdopia is already here, with an HTML5 ad-authoring
solution that addresses mobile advertising needs across all HTML5-compatible
devices, including the iPhone, the iPod Touch, the iPad – and even the Android. 

"With HTML5-supported devices springing up everywhere, advertisers require an
easy-to-use, cost-effective means to bring their best ads to mobile users," said
Jeff Weiser, VP Strategy & Analytics for Social
Gaming Network, the developer of such leading gaming applications as iBowl and
iBasketball. "The Future5 conveniently bundles all of the HTML5 capabilities
with various engaging and interactive rich media ad templates, which we expect
will be lapped up by all advertisers who can’t afford an iAd campaign. With such
a viable alternative in the Future5, it just opens up revenue possibilities for
app developers and makes monetizing our apps a lot easier."

Aside from offering an easy, affordable way to insert banner and interstitial
ads in HTML5, the Future5 provides precise targeting, optimization and real-time
reporting capabilities. Coupled with iVdopia’s vast network of premium mobile
sites and apps, it makes the Future5 a powerful, one-stop mobile advertising
solution that won’t cost advertisers a million dollars per campaign.

"With this kind of scale provided to advertisers, the Future5 lets app
developers feel more confident about monetizing their applications on any HTML5
device," said Adan Vielma, President of
IntroWizard, which specializes in Flash web design software. "As it makes ad
authoring easy and affordable across these devices, iVdopia also presents a no
brainer of an option for advertisers, which in turn is great news for us in the
app developer world."

The Future5 is the first HTML5 ad-authoring solution that advertisers can use
to create rich media banner and interstitial ads. The easy-to-use tool comes
with a variety of ad format templates that can create unique user-engaging
effects, allowing customization with an advertiser’s image, video or audio clip
to deliver dynamic results. These highly interactive ad units will allow users
to not just watch the ad, but also tap and visit the product’s website, watch
additional clips, play games, share across Twitter and Facebook or download
content, among other options.

"Just when you would think that all these new devices would open up
possibilities for developers, numerous constraints, from prohibitive pricing to
restrictions on using Flash, have turned advertising on Apple devices something
of a mine field," said iVdopia Chief Operating Officer Chhavi Upadhyay. "We understand that app developers are
looking for a simplified revenue-generation channel that attracts premium
advertisers, without technologically prohibitive restrictions. The Future5
solves this problem by delivering the same ad across any HTML5-supported device
– whether for the iPhone or the Android – which means all the more revenue for
developers, and more engaged users for advertisers."


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