CelleBrite Releases UME-36Pro Mobile Data Backup and Synchronization Solution for iPhone 4

UME-36Pro Data Backup and Synchronization Now Available for Latest Version of
Apple Smartphone

CelleBrite, providing the
tools, technology and talent to optimize mobile device-driven data, today
announced that its Universal Memory Exchanger (UME-36Pro) is the first tested and proven mobile data
synchronization and backup solution to offer native support for Apple’s iPhone 4.  Carriers and
retailers selling the latest iteration of Apple’s smartphone now possess a
powerful solution for seamlessly transferring subscribers’, contacts, phonebook,
photos and other data at the point-of-sale (POS) without the need for a PC or
additional software.    

UME-36Pro is the most versatile and ubiquitous data transfer solution on the
market, with more than 70,000 devices from more than 150 carriers worldwide.
The solution is used by all major U.S. carriers to protect, synchronize and
back up mobile data at the POS.  With the iPhone 4 fully tested and supported by
CelleBrite, consumers purchasing the newest Apple device or upgrading from an
earlier version can rest assured that their vital data will be transferred
safely and securely within mere minutes of a purchase.  

"The new features in Apple’s iPhone 4, including Facetime, Multitasking and
HD video recording are poised to make it yet another smartphone juggernaut,"
said Adi Ofrat, CEO, CelleBrite USA.  "Such a powerful device requires an
equally powerful solution to transfer and synchronize the data within it.
CelleBrite has consistently been the first to both test and support the newest
mobile technologies on the market, and by doing so for the latest iPhone we are
yet again leading the charge for seamless and secure POS data transfer."


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