Windows Live Essentials 2011 Public Beta Is Available Online

Wave 4 of the suite of Windows Live Essentials is to be tested in a
public beta.

For several weeks, Microsoft has begun to make presentations with the
various elements of its software suite Windows Live Essentials 2011.
Users can now decide to move from theory to practice, since Microsoft
has put online a Public Beta.

This is known as the Wave 4
of Windows Live Essentials that includes the various client applications which are Windows Live Messenger (instant messaging client), Windows Live
Mail (mail client), Windows Live Photo Gallery (photo gallery),
Windows Live Devices (synchronization of data between multiple
computers), Windows Live Writer (blog), Windows Live Movie Maker (creating movies and slide shows), Windows Live Family Safety (parental
control). A toolbar for Bing browser is also present.

Live Essentials 2011 is destined for Windows Vista and Windows 7
but not for Windows XP that has been dismissed as no longer considered a
modern graphics platform, including the lack of hardware acceleration
as supported by Microsoft.

The killer app

Live Messenger offers two types of display to switch to normal
display mode to compact. The normal view is similar to a homepage where
the user finds the right contacts, and left a lot of information and
news of his favorite contacts on social networks including Facebook and

For the management of confidentiality, it must pass
through a web page to change its settings. Several levels are offered:
the whole world, limited, private, or even a custom level where it
will play the cursor.

WLM provides better compatibility with
Windows 7 through its integration into the taskbar and miniatures where
you can directly modify its status. Other notable news: the Tabbed
conversations, the possibility of a status category of contacts,
leave video messages to offline contacts, the automatic adjustment of a
conversation on the high definition video (720p).

We find the
famous Ribbon UI in other applications, Windows Live Essentials
for which we had made a quick round-up. The simplest test is still to learn
about various changes. To do this, the beta of Windows Live Essentials
Wave 4 can be downloaded from this page.


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