MobiTrail Launches More than 50 Applications and Games for Qualcomm Incorporated’s Brew Mobile Platform OS

Applications and games are available on Qualcomm’s Brew Mobile Platform Operating System

MobiTrail, a leading mobile applications and games development firm based in Mumbai, India, today announced the launch of more than 50 applications and games for Qualcomm Incorporated’s Brew Mobile Platform (Brew MP) operating system. MobiTrail, a unique one-stop organization with content available for multiple platforms, has been actively working on creating quality content for consumers in India and Southeast Asia including Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. MobiTrail’s 50 applications and games offer a rich, highly engaging consumer experience and are available on many mobile devices today.

MobiTrail has worked with Qualcomm for over three years and currently focuses on developing Brew MP applications and games. The applications created at MobiTrail provide both education and entertainment for the end user. The games are designed to be simple and innovative, while at the same time delivering a causal gaming experience which appeals to users across the globe.  

"Our strategy is to deliver mobile applications and games that create an engaging and enjoyable experience for the end user through Brew MP," said Vikas Kedia, CEO, MobiTrail. "The benefits and opportunities that come with developing on Brew MP are significant, and it has allowed us to become extremely confident in launching our new products in new markets, like the United States and Latin America, beyond the ones we currently serve."

"Consumer demand for new and exciting consumer-based applications and games is significant in the United States and growing rapidly in both India and Southeast Asia, providing developers a significant revenue opportunity," said Mitch Oliver, vice president of ecosystem development for Qualcomm. "We are pleased that Brew MP is MobiTrail’s OS of choice for developing key applications and games for their mobile consumers in these markets."

A Snapshot of the Applications Available

  • Wild Words: Wild Words is a puzzle game with two modes of play –
    timed and unlimited time. Players link letters to create new words for 10
    points, while at the same time trying to get the letters of the Wild Word for
    100 bonus points. The game is simple and easy to use, designed for casual gamers
    looking for a fun vocabulary challenge.  
  • Big Fish Hunter: Big Fish Hunter is an arcade style fishing game
    where players compete to win each of the 15 levels of play for the prestigious
    title of "Big Fish Hunter."  The game’s ease of use provides a fun challenge for
    players – just hop in the boat and go fishing!
  • H20: H20 analyzes the recommended daily water intake of mobile
    users based on their personalized daily water recommendation. The application
    considers a user’s weight, climate and exercise patterns and reminds users to
    drink their recommended water during the day. 


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