Applications and third party sites now displays the data it expects from Facebook

Applications and third party sites are now clearly listing the data
which they expect Facebook to take advantage. The user can then accept
or reject, but can not sort what he wants to share.

Until now, Facebook applications asked permission of the user to
gain access to their profile data. However, they did not fall within details what
they are now obliged to do.

For example, Facebook cited the
case of applying the proposed site JibJab eponymous interactive
greeting cards. When trying to connect with his ID on the Facebook
site, an application for leave is displayed and it is clear that JibJab
requesting permission to access basic information (name, profile
picture, gender, list of friends… and other public information),
but also to photos, birthdays and photos of his friends.

It’s all or nothing, so the user knows what to accept or reject,
without having the opportunity to pick among the access requested.

"With this new approval process, when you connect to an
application with your Facebook account, the application will default
only access to public data in your profile. To access the private data
of your profile, the application must explicitly ask your permission" says Facebook.

The social network, which has very big ambitions in terms of number of users,
therefore attempts to show the most transparent possible. For
several weeks, he fixes it with regard to control and
information given to members to use their data. Is reassuring, unless a
new controversy erupted.


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