Acer Aspire One D255: A netbook with dual core processor

Acer has recently completed its range of netbooks freshly renewing for an additional reference. The "Acer Aspire One D255", derived from D260 announced two weeks ago, swapped into the main distinctive feature, its dual operating system including Android for another distinctive feature: a dual processor.

The "Acer Aspire One D255" thus becomes one of the first computers to ship a processor of Intel Atom N550, a double core 1.5GHz, equipped with 1MB of cache. Atom is the first double core for mobile computing, unlike the Atom family D which are designed for desktop computers, although they have already been incorporated into Netbooks. The N550 displays and a TDP of 8.5 W while capping a D510 (166 MHz faster) culminates 13 W. The new Aspire One should therefore provide a much greater autonomy than any other netbook.

Both netbooks also share exactly the same sheet. Therefore, there is 1GB of RAM, a 160GB hard drive, Wi-Fi N WSVGA screen with LED backlight 10.1 inches.

The price and launch date of the "Acer Aspire One D255" have not yet been announced.


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