Windows 7 32 and 64 – bit Editions users are almost equal

According to Microsoft, almost 46% of computers running Windows 7 uses the 64-bit edition.

Last month, Microsoft announced that it had surpassed the 150 million licenses of Windows 7 sold, for who knows how many computers are not currently operating under this operating system. Redmond advance in any case today, his faith on Windows Update service requested by users, that 46% PCs are equipped with Windows 7 Edition 64 – bit.

This is not 50-50 between 32 and 64-bit OS, but it is close. This proportion is even more compelling when confronted with the situation for the predecessor of Windows 7. For Windows Vista, there are 89% of PCs "interviewed" via Windows Update that are equipped with 32- bit edition (against 11% for 64-bit edition thus). For Windows XP, only 1% use a 64-bit edition.

This trend is not really surprising and is consistent with the evolution of the material, with further relevant processors, equipment crossing nearly at the standard 4 GB of RAM that can be managed in their entirety. The price of memory has fallen, and with the pilots, manufacturers have also followed suit after 64 – bit still dragging its feet long.

On the software side, all is perhaps not as rosy for 64 -bit. Although Microsoft is still praised the efforts of publishers, the Redmond company has a short memory, however since despite the availability of a 64-bit version of Office 2010, she has recommended installation. One of the reasons had been such that the 64-bit ecosystem for Office is not yet mature enough, and the risk of incompatibilities with existing extensions. Beyond Office, is also a recurring problem, often with plugins that are not yet ready for 64 – bit.

For Windows 8, a rumor has long run – much less now – about a 128 – bit edition. For this, he’ll have a whole section of the computer industry working together.


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