Intel to stop production of Celeron in 2011

The world of Intel said it will stop soon chip production entry-level of Celeron.

The Celeron range contains multiple processors including simple models heart from 900 to 2.2 GHz dual – core T3100 at 1.9 GHz, dual – core T3300 at 2GHz and dual – core P4500 at 1.86 GHz are designed to be embedded in Conventional laptop computers, and simple models from 743 to 1.3 GHz core and dual core SU2300 1.2 GHz to integrate ultra-thin laptops.

At the end of September, it will grow with the launch of two models – core P4600 2GHz, T3500 at 2.1 GHz and U3400 at 1.06 GHz, which will probably be the last to see day.

Indeed, Intel has informed its partners that industrial production will gradually decrease the range of Celeron processors for final adoption in 2011. The notebook makers will be invited to turn to the Atom and Pentium chips, sold at similar prices.

For the world’s largest processors, it is delete a range which is now duplicate with another.


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