RemoteScan Releases iRemoteScan for iPad and iPhone

RemoteScan Corporation, the worldwide leader of software solutions for
converting document scanners and digital cameras into network devices to be used
with electronic medical record and financial management systems, has released
iRemoteScan for the iPad and iPhone. With iRemoteScan, people can now remotely
operate scanners which are connected to PCs and workstations. With iRemoteScan,
documents and ID cards are scanned directly into iPads or iPhones from any
standard document scanner, and the scanned documents can then easily be imported
into other apps or document software — including Pages — as well as be emailed
directly from the iPad or iPhone to anyone, anywhere.  iRemoteScan requires an
official copy of RemoteScan™ server software; however, the app is free and is
found by searching for "iRemoteScan" or "scanning" or "remote scan" on the Apple
iTunes store, or by visiting  

Since 2003 RemoteScan software has been the standard for a secure, consistent
and error-free way to share and connect desktop scanners with all centralized
document management systems, including those used with critical financial, and
medical software products running on networks using  Terminal Services, Citrix,
XenDesktop, and any other RDP or ICA network protocol.  For seven years,
RemoteScan software has kept up to date with the evolving world of virtualized
and Cloud Computing, and because of this RemoteScan is trusted and used by the
largest corporations in the world which can not risk having servers crash or
reboot during scanning.  With the addition of handheld iPad and iPhone
connectivity, now scanning and image acquisition for medical, financial and
industrial users is easier then ever before. 


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