Email Hackers Sentenced Following NHTCU Investigation

Two men were today convicted and sentenced at Southwark Crown Court following an investigation into email hacking by the National Hi-Tech Crime Unit. The investigation started in March 2003. Cliff STANFORD, DoB 12/10/54, of Ase De La Floride, 118 Brussels, Belgium, and George Nelson LIDDELL, DoB 27/05/58, of Nether Winchendon, Buckinghamshire, pleaded guilty to Illegal interception of communications.

* STANFORD was sentenced to 6 months suspended for two years, a £20 000 fine and £7000 costs.
* LIDDELL received a sentence of six months suspended for two years.

Senior board members of Redbus Interhouse plc had their emails redirected to a Hotmail account owned by LIDDEL between September 2002 till March 2003. George LIDDEL was arrested on 18th March 2003 in possession of the board members’ emails. It emerged that STANFORD was responsible for the redirection of these emails to LIDDEL. STANFORD was arrested on 5th September 2003.


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