Telerik Launched New Developer Productivity Tool Delivers Upgrades Across Full Telerik Toolbox

Telerik, a leading vendor of development tools and user interface components for .NET, today unveiled details of its Q2 2010 milestone release. Fresh from its recent “Best of TechEd Award” win, the company launched its latest developer productivity product, and new tools and controls. The company also announced the immediate availability of an array of upgrades and enhancements for the full Telerik product line.

Among the new offerings and updates being announced are JustMock, a new Visual Studio productivity tool allowing quick and easy mocking of objects during testing, Silverlight Assembly Minifier, a tool for assembly size optimization, RichTextBox for Silverlight, Round Trip Mapping for the Visual Designer in Telerik’s OpenAccess ORM and new Silverlight test automation enhancements to the company’s innovative and easy-to-use WebUI Test Studio.

“We understand that to remain competitive in a crowded market, developers must have access to the latest innovations and technologies allowing them to deliver added value to their customers,” said Svetozar Georgiev, CEO, Telerik. “Our team is firmly dedicated to supporting our developer community by incorporating the newest, best technology advancements into Telerik’s product line-up and releasing regular upgrades in a timely fashion.”

The officially introduced RadRichTextBox for Silverlight allows developers to bring true Microsoft Word-like content editing experience to end-users. The new control offers rich text editing and formatting capabilities, import and export of HTML, DOCX, and XAML, as well as out-of-browser support and printing.

Another addition to the Silverlight suite is the Telerik Assembly Minifier, a web-based tool that decreases the size of RadControls for Silverlight assemblies and consecutively the overall Silverlight application file size. It allows developers to quickly create highly optimized custom assemblies that only contain the Telerik controls and resources needed for a specific application. Combined with the RadControls for Silverlight, the Assembly Minifier enables developers to achieve previously impossible levels of optimization and in turn deliver faster application loading experiences to users.

Q2 2010 also marks the debut of Round Trip Mapping capabilities in the Telerik OpenAccess ORM Visual Designer. Developers traditionally must decide between Schema-first and Model-first mapping when working with ORM tools, like Entity Framework (EF), a decision, which is then set for the project duration. With OpenAccess Round Trip Mapping and the Visual Designer, developers can employ either approach at any time, for example, reverse-mapping an existing schema then updating that schema by simply updating the mapped model classes. Used in conjunction with Visual Designer, all tasks can be achieved in a single, intuitive view directly in Visual Studio, making OpenAccess one of the most flexible and efficient ORMs available.

Telerik’s second major release this year also delivers a host of new upgrades for its robust WebUI Test Studio, which are designed to allow professional development and QA teams to adopt Silverlight without sacrifices to application quality. Having previously introduced Silverlight UI record and playback support, Telerik’s WebUI Test Studio now delivers full out-of-browser support for Silverlight application testing. The enhanced Silverlight test recording enables customers to run the same test in-browser and as a desktop one. Also new is ChildWindow and Pop-up support for Silverlight applications, as well as robust image verification functionality permitting verification via visual rendering rather than element properties and attributes.

Q2 2010 marks the commercial release of Telerik’s JustMock developer productivity tool. Introduced earlier in 2010, JustMock allows Visual Studio developers to swiftly and effortlessly create object mockings during unit testing, saving time and resources. By breaking dependencies in unit tests, developers can focus on testing single concerns, providing more complete unit test coverage and improving overall software testing quality. An intuitive, high-performance addition to Telerik’s integrated suite of developer tools, JustMock opens new avenues to increased productivity, backed by the company’s industry-leading customer service and support.

Other upgrades and enhancements announced include:

  • Unit Test Runner for JustCode, allowing developers to quickly and efficiently run critical tests in Visual Studio
  • 13 new controls for its XAML suites including TreeListView for both Silverlight and WPF, DataPager, DataFilter, and more
  • The official launch of the Telerik Data Services Wizard, which facilitates automatic creation of C# or Visual Basic code and project files needed to use OpenAccess entities with Data Services for .NET 3.5 SP1 Version 1 and 2 (Astoria), WCF EndPoints Service, REST Collection WCF Services, and ATOM Publishing Protocol WCF Service
  • New additions to the Telerik Extensions for ASP.NET MVC suite, including an ASP.NET MVC Editor, offering identical HTML output across all major browsers, Window and ComboBox Extensions
  • Telerik Reporting support for interactive reports that allow end-users to drill down through reports and subreports, jump to other sections in a report, and access external URLs via hyperlinks
  • New TagCloud for ASP.NET AJAX and seamless SharePoint 2010 integration
  • An expanded WinForms suite that integrates five new controls, as well as new GridView UI and data layers for enterprise data-intensive scenarios

Pricing of the Telerik Ultimate Collection for .NET, including all RadControl suites, Extensions for ASP.NET MVC, Reporting, OpenAccess ORM, JustCode, JustMock, and WebUI Test Studio Developer Edition is $1,999 per developer seat. Each license comes with priority support, guaranteeing 24-hour response time, as well as full C# source code, redistribution rights, and free updates to the latest products for one year. For questions or additional pricing information, please visit the Telerik website at or email



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