Cleanersoft’s ACleaner removes all traces of computer usage

ACleaner is a free software that protects your privacy by erasing all traces of usage on your computer.

Proposed free by Cleanersoft, ACleaner is a tool developed for Windows that lets remove all traces of usage on your computer to ensure the protection of your privacy.

Such evidence may well be those made by the system than those left by applications such as web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Opera), the e-mail program (Outlook Express), the instant messaging software (Skype, Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo Messenger), the office suite of tools (Office) or the utility of compression/decompression (7-zip and Winzip).

Among the things proposed launching manual or scheduled, the request for confirmation before deleting each element to avoid accidentally erasing, selecting the number of rewrites over the data to prevent recovery of the past, the definition a password to restrict access to the software and create a restore point in case.

But not all are also included as a cleaning module for the register and management module applications loaded at startup.

Download ACleaner


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