Telerik Automated Testing Tools Bring in Enhanced Silverlight UI Testing Capabilities

Telerik, a leading vendor of development tools and user interface components for .NET, today unveiled its Q2 2010 product release, featuring a number of essential new additions to its WebUI Test Studio in the field of Silverlight test automation. The updated Telerik automated testing tools also introduce new functionality aimed at enhancing testers’ productivity such as image verification, quick task addition, and more.

“Our determined focus on innovation and commitment to customers translates into timely delivery of leading-edge updates to our testing solutions,” said Christopher Eyhorn, Executive Vice President, Telerik Automated Testing Division. “Not only was WebUI Test Studio the first to offer support for Silverlight UI test automation, but with this release we continue to strengthen our position as the leading solution on the market for Silverlight testing.”  

Following the official premier of WebUI Test Studio in April, the axis of the second major release for this year is Silverlight test automation. The new version of WebUI Test Studio adds full support for Out-of-Browser testing of Silverlight applications. The Out-of-Browser experience empowers users to launch their web applications directly from their desktop/start menu no matter if their computer is connected to the web.

Furthermore, WebUI Test Studio 2010.2 introduces a solution to Silverlight virtualized control testing. The advanced recording surface now extends its capabilities to allow users to detect Silverlight ChildWindows and Pop-ups, and connect to them. In addition, users can highlight elements within these Pop-ups, and build verifications against them.

Beyond the compelling optimizations in the Silverlight UI testing field, WebUI Test Studio 2010.2 adds a number of features fostering user testing experience and efficiency. The new Image Verification is a powerful test recording feature which enables customers to build image verifications against specific elements in their HTML or Silverlight applications. WebUI Test Studio offers precise “pixel-by-pixel” testing which allows users to refine the image verification they want to build.

In addition to the more precise verification options, WebUI Test Studio introduces export of the test’s Visual Storyboard in HTML format, which facilitates documenting of business requirements; continue recording from a specific step; add manual steps to your test, and more.

Product pricing and licensing:

  • WebUI Test Studio QA Edition – $2,499 USD; includes one machine license and one year of updates and priority support.
  • WebUI Test Studio Developer Edition – $1,499 USD; includes one machine license one year of updates and priority support.
  • WebUI Test Studio Bundle – $2,999 USD; includes one machine license for both WebUI Test Studio QA Edition and WebUI Test Studio Developer Edition, one year of updates and priority support.
  • Telerik Ultimate Developer Collection – $1,999 USD; includes all Telerik UI suites (ASP.NET AJAX, ASP.NET MVC, Silverlight, WPF, WinForms), developer productivity tools (Reporting, JustCode, JustMock, OpenAccess ORM), and WebUI Test Studio Developer Edition.

For additional information, please visit Telerik Automated Testing Tools website. To learn more about Telerik automated testing tools and get the latest breaking product news, please follow @WebUITestStudio on Twitter.



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