Logitech Unvield Z506 – A 5.1 Overall Audio Set

The Swiss brand Logitech, which has built its reputation through computer accessories, has unveiled a new set 5.1 audio. Responding on behalf of the Z506, this set has an RCA connector, 3.5 mm, which allows connecting to a standalone player or a TV, but on a computer or digital music player.

It consists of a subwoofer capable of delivering up to 27 Watts of RMS power, a satellite center providing up to 16 Watts of power RMS and four front and rear satellites sending up to 8 Watts RMS each. It proposes a maximum power of 75 watts with a frequency response between 45 and 20,000 Hz.

The power and volume control for performed from a satellite, while the bass control is at the back of the subwoofer. This kit 5.1 is displayed in pre-order at 89.99 euros 


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